Radha Mohan 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan informs the Trivedi family about their facilitation in the United States


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The person informs his boss that the Trivedi’s are not as simple as they thought, the boss agrees saying that the work they want the Trivedi could not be done by anyone simple so Mission Diwali will start.

Ramaveshwar and Dadi also step out of the auto when he says that it is time for them to also come back home pointing at the Murti which are in the auto, Radha and Mohan pray on their arrival. The entire Trivedi family is standing when Radha gets emotional thinking how Damini told her she should roam on the streets with them all, Mohan also recalls how Damini called him as lazy person and said he should live like the poor people for the rest of his life, Kadmabari remembers when Damini threatened to even remove their clothes if she likes, Ajeet starts crying thinking about how Damini said that he is not able to do anything while Ketki is used of wearing expensive saree and has a lot of expenses, Vishwaniyat remembers that Damini asked how would he be able to drink cheap wine. Radha keeps crying thinking about how she promised Damini that they are going to return after one month. Kadmabari explains this house is the place where they have spent very beautiful moments of her life, from the mischievous behavior of Mohan to the laughter of Gungun, there are very beautiful memories in this house. Kadambari explains in the past few days she started feeling as if she would never be able to come back to this house which is why she really missed this house. Mohan tells kadambari they cannot change what happened and now this house once again belongs to her and now no one can snatch this house from her. Radha advises Kadambari to quickly perform the Grehperwash as she can no longer stop herself from going into the house. Kadambari slowly starts walking ahead to perform the Grehperwash while Mohan along with Radha follow her including the rest of the family, Kadmabari remembers when they were thrown out of this house by Damini and Mohan promised that he is going to surely take back this house for her sake.

The entire Trivedi family walks over to the Mandir where Radha and Mohan place the Murti which are bigger and Gungun places the little Murti, thinking about the day when they were forced to pick these Murti’s from the place which was always meant for them, Tulsi also joins them and starts praying along with the rest of the family, Radha lights a Diya in the Mandir. Mohan exclaims that his family had to suffer a lot in the past few days but today he is going to swear on Ba Kai Bihari jee that he will not let any bad sight fall on his family. Kadmabari exclaims that her family is smiling after so many days so asks Maa jee about it, Maa je says that Ba Kai Bihari jee should keep this family like te same and no evil eyes should come their way. Radha picks the Thali and asks Mohan jee to come with her as they both must perform the Arti, the entire Trivedi family is smiling and they are not able to control their emotional, Mohan and Radha calls Ketki to the front who then starts performing the Arti but then Ketki starts getting dizzy and is not able to stand properly, Mohan notices how the Thali is about to fall so both Mohan and Radha hold the Thali while Ajeet prevents her from falling, they all wonder what has happened to Ketki. Ramaveshwar and Dadi also get worried, Radha asks someone to call the doctor.

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Ketki is sitting on the bed while the entire family is beside her in the room, they all are really worried. The doctor gets up so Mohan asks if everything is fine and there is nothing to be worried about, the doctor says that it is about happiness and she congratulates Ajeet informing he is about to become a father, the entire family is shocked hearing the news and they cannot control their emotions. Mohan exclaims he is about to become an uncle so he hugs Ajeet, Rahul mentions he would also be the uncle. Radha even exclaims she is also going to be an aunt and so hugs Mohan, she tells Gungun that she is going to be an elder sister. Radha then rushes to hug Ketki congratulating her on this beautiful occasion, Gungun after hugging Ketki thanks both Ajeet and Ketki, exclaiming she is going to play a lot with her younger sibling and even purchase new toys, Ketki agrees to it. Kadambari sits down mentioning today is a very day as the first happiness is of coming back to this house while the other of becoming a Grandmother. Kadmabari exclaims how it is feeling that the happiness are coming to them all and Ajeet exclaims it feels as if they are running towards the family, Kadambari even wishes Ajeet who also starts smiling.

Dadi wishes that Ba Kai Bihari jee should live her all the happiness, Ketki is smiling.

Dulari is walking back when she exclaims that finally the entire family came back to their house so she would serve them all. Radha helps Ketki sit down asking if she is feeling like eating something sour but then the entire family starts smiling. Dulari rings the door bell hearing which everyone gets a bit worried but then Dulari is waiting at the door, Kadambari asks who came at this time so Radha says that it would be Dulari as she talked with her on the phone.

Mohan comes running informing he has a good news and Radha replies they already know it is the good news when Mohan says this is the best news but he has another news which is that KK and his company want to facilitate them for the contract, Radha asks what doe she mean when Mohan says that they want to facilitate them in the United states hearing which they all start celebrating and then Dulari wonders why are they not coming to open the door and so she knocks on the main door. Radha hearing the knock goes to open the door but is shocked to see a person standing there, Radha asks who is he so the person replies his name is Bunty and he was sent by Dulari. Radha is shocked while Dulari is tied lying unconscious on the floor. Mohan with immense excitement says that only three people have been invited, Gungun replies then her dream would finally be completed this time. Mohan is not able to control his emotions while the boss says that this is not the flight to their happiness but their doom, he with a smile says that Mission Diwali has started.