Radha Mohan 5th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini agrees to sign the property papers


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Radha asks Mohan to fire the arrow while Damini along with Kaveri request him to not do it, kaveri explains she does not want to die so young and has raised Damini with so much love so she now has to protect her, Bhushan and Mohit also request Damini to do something and save them all from dying, Bhushan suggests Damini should apologize to him otherwise he would cook them, Mohan threatens to release the arrow as they are all talking so much, Damini finally apologizes to Mohan on behalf of everyone, promising they would not do anything wrong and he should give them the second chance, Kaveri says to Mohan that Damini apologized and they all would become so good that even Bhagwan would come to take training from them, Radha and Kadambari both start smiling. Kaveri requests Mohan to forgive them, Bhushan swears that he would always considers each and every women as his sister or daughter and never look with an evil eye. Mohit exclaims he will leave this city and go to live in the mountains but not show his face to them, Kaveri says Mohit is worthy of living there. Damini promises she is going to give them whatever they desire hearing which Radha asks if Damini would do whatever they desire so Damini agrees to give them what they want, Mohan asks if she is sure before threatening to fire it, Kaveri replies Damini indeed promised and so she also agrees to do whatever they want her to do.

Mohan agrees to let them go but says he has just one condition, Damini assures she is going to accept any of his condition, Mohan says that Damini has to sign the property papers and return their house to them hearing which Damini gets shocked, she asks if Mohan has lost his mind as she is not going to do anything of the sort. Bhushan is shocked hearing it when Mohan threatens to kill them otherwise, Kaveri asks if Damini mind is filled with waste because if they are not alive then would she stay in the Damini Bhawan. Bhushan asks Damini if they are not alive then would they live as ghosts, Mohit also explains it is better to sign the papers because if they are dead then what would they do, Damini questions how can she do it, Bhushan explains if she does not sign then they will die. Mohan explains it is not a problem even if Damini does not sign because he would feel a lot better if she dies, Radha asks Mohan why is he wasting the time and should fire the paper, Ketki and Rahul also ask him to fire it, Radha says after fighting the case in the court for a few years they would surely get back their property. Bhushan requests Mohan to let them go as they are innocent, Kaveri asks Radha if she has lost her mind but her tone suddenly changes when Kadambari signals her, kaveri asks what sort of a wife is Radha s she is assisting her husband to take revenge when she should become a respectful wife and stop her husband. Radha stops them saying they get rewarded for ending the life of the criminals, she asks Mohan to fire it and he agrees but Damini stops him after agreeing to his desire, assuring she will sign the property papers. Damini explains they will sign the papers in the registrar office tomorrow, Mohan says what if she creates any problem tomorrow so Damini would have to sign the papers tonight, Damini asks how will she sign them when Mohan once again points the arrow, Damini asks how will they get the registrar in the middle of the night when Mohan says he will show them how it happens. Mohan taking out his phone calls Shekar, Kaveri understands what he meant so Damini thinks of a plan.

Shekar helps the registrar inside the Trivedi Bhawan from the back gate when he asks Shekar why are they coming from the back door so Shekar explains that there is some work going out in the front, Shekar mentions that Damini is coming, Radha and Damini enter when the registrar asks Damini to sign it, he asks what was the urgency that they needed to sign the papers right now as they could have done it tomorrow, Radha explains t hat Damini has understood she must return the property to its rightful owner and what better day then to do it on Deshara, Radha seeing that Damini is not singing says she is going to go and open the window, Mohan is standing while pointing the burning arrow at kaveri seeing which Damini gets shocked so stands up in a state of utter tension. Radha comes back mentioning that the air is going to come , Radha warns Damini to quickly sign the papers otherwise Mohan jee has her mother along with Bhushan and Mohit in their control, she knows how furious Mohan jee is with her after what she has done to Gungun so Damini should sign the papers without any problem. Damini tries to think of what she can do but then she picks up the papers and signs them, while throwing them on the desk. Radha turns to look at Mohan who throws the bow and arrow seeing which Damini takes a deep breath, Radha turning back to look at Damini asks if they can leave, the registrar leaves with Shekar.

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Radha walks out the main gate pulling Damini, Bhushan smiles thinking now they are surely going to be safe. Damini angrily turns to look at the Trivedi family, kaveri asks Damini if she saved them and Damini agrees when she tells Mohan she has signed the papers and he should let the three of them go, Mohan says he is not going to leave even one of them, hearing which Damini, Kaveri, Bhushan and Mohit are all shocked. Bhushan asks what has happened when even Radha is stunned, then Mohan starts walking towards them and he once again ties Damini against the Rawan. Kadmabari along with the rest of the Trivedi family ask him what is he doing when Damini says that she has done what he asked so he should let them go as this is deception, Radha also asks Mohan what is he doing. Mohan says the biggest deceiver of the world is talking of deception, he angrily walks back saying they made a mistake while trying to kill his daughter and today he is not going to let anyone get away so easily. Kaveri requests anyone of them to convince Mohan as they have even signed the papers, Radha request Mohan to stop but Damini while getting scared keeps saying it is cheating, Kaveri says Mohan is going to burn them today. Kadambari tries to stop Mohan saying they got back what they desired and he should let them all go, Mohan says that she has tired to harm his daughter so he is not going to leave her like this, Vishwaniyat along with everyone else requests Mohan to not do it, Mohan says he can even tear the eyes of someone who even looks at his daughter but Damini has tried to take the life of Gungun so he cannot let them leave so easily. Damini assures she does not have any relation to the accident of Gungun but he replies he is not going to believe her lies so she should be ready to die, Damini and Kaveri are shocked hearing it while the rest of the Trivedi family is tensed.

Precap: Radha tries to stop Mohan but he is walking with the arrow, Radha says today he cannot kill them but Mohan replies that nothing she says today can stop him, Rahul and Ajeet also try to stop him when he says that he will even forget their relation if they try to stop him, Mohan is furious while Damini says it is wrong.