Radha Mohan 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha and Mohan win the competition


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Kunal mentions now it is time to announce the winner, Damini exclaims she is the winner so KK needs to take her name, Kunal explains the winner is, hearing this both Damini and Radha start praying, Kunal exclaims that Damini is the winner hearing which Radha gets shocked while Mohan is also tensed but then Kunal asks or Radha and Mohan, Damini gets stunned. Kunal exclaims either Damini or Radha and Mohan, he asks what do all the people think is going to win the competition, he even asks for any wild guesses from them. Kunal mentions the winner of mega publication competition is Radha and Mohan Trivedi, he congratulates them both hearing which Damini is shocked. Mohan not being able to control his emotions starts smiling while even Radha is amazed, they both hug each other and even start crying. Mohan asks Radha if they have really won and is he seeing a dream, Radha replies this is not a dream and their efforts have really given the fruit, Damini says this cannot happen, she cannot lose after doing so many things and it is not possible. Kunal requests everyone to please settle down, mentioning the reason that they won is not only because of their book idea but also their business idea, which is of turning it into an audio book and podcast, which is going to lower the cost, Kunal praises them both and they are also grateful, Kunal explains that this envelope has a cheque worth 200 million which they both have earned and deserve, Mohan turns to look at Radha when Kunal requests them to take it, Radha and Mohan both take the cheque together, while everyone starts clapping for them both, Kunal explains now they are business partners so he is looking forward to work with them, he shakes hands with Mohan but then even asks Radha that they can shake hands however Mohan says they can even hug each other so Kunal hugs him and leaves while Damini tries to stop him. The judges also greet Radha and Mohan before leaving.

Kadmabari tells Nirmala that Gungun is not fine and she feels the doctors would not be able to save Gungun, Ketki exclaims they have even shifted her to the ICU ward where she is alone and no one can go to meet her, Ketki says she is very tensed. Kaveri along with Bhushan and Mohit are listening to their conversation. The ward boy comes telling them that this is a hospital so they should lower their voice but Ketki replies their child is critical so they can they not even cry, Vishwaniyat asks her to calm down and Ba Kai Bihari jee is not going to let anything happen to her.

Kaveri asks Bhushan to come since Gungun is alone in the ICU and they need to kidnap her, Kaveri along with both Bhushan and Mohit enter the room where they see there is a cover over her, Kaveri asks them to kidnap Gungun before anyone else comes back, Kaveri opens the cover but is shocked to see Ajeet there, he greets Kaveri masi along with Bhushan uncle, Kaveri gets shocked asking them both to run but just as she reaches the door, Kadambari along with the rest of the family enter the room, she angrily slaps Kaveri who is shocked. Kadambari asks how did Kaveri dare think of touching her Gungun, she vows to not let her get away so easily so instructs Rahul who goes to push Mohit, Ajeet also starts beating Bhushan along with Vishwaniyat, Rahul says that Mohit should be ashamed as he is the uncle of Gungun, Kadmabari and Ketki both are beating Kaveri, Kadmabari explains that the crown belongs to her Gungun. Bhushan pleads with them saying he is their uncle but they are just beating him, Kaveri requests Kadmabari to let her go as she is her elder sister but Kadmabari once again slaps her, Kaveri even requests Ketki to let her go as she is her uncle, Kadmabari mentions she would like to live alone if she has an elder sister like her, Kadmabari mentions she is ashamed to call her as her elder sister saying that even animals do not bite their own family but Kaveri is even worse them the animals. Kadambari instructs them all to stop, instructing they should be allowed to rot here as the police is going to come, she leaves with everyone after locking the door. Kaveri falls on the bed.

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Damini stops KK asking what did he do as the competition was about the books and not audio books or podcasts, Kunal says that this company belongs to him and even the competition so he does not need her advice as with the help of Radha and Mohan, the customer base of his company is going to grow so they would win the competition Damini stops Kunal asking if it is about the competition or Radha, she says that she knows how Kunal looks at her since anyone can see what he feels about her, she mentions Radha will never leave Mohan and come to him because he has strengthened their relations even more but Kunal replies he knows the real reason she came here, Damini is shocked when Kunal explains he knows she is the one who arranged the attack on Radha, Damini asks what does he mean when Kunal replies his sources have told him that Damini met the person before he went to the cabin of Radha, Kunal leaves angrily when Damini is worried.

Kadambari is very worried when Ketki asks her what is wrong as everything is fine, kadambari explains that now Kaveri has tried to kidnap her then Damini might be the one to cause her accident, ketki says she is sure it is the work of Damini and Ajeet also agrees with her but Kadmabari is very worried. The doctors saying he needs to talk of something important, he explains that they while trying to kidnap her removed the oxygen mask and even took her off from the life support so this has caused a lot of problem but they have managed to control her for now but they need to perform the third operation very quickly, he says that it will be very risky and Gungun might even die so they need to call them both back as something might happen to Gungun but Ketki and Ajeet ask her to not talk like this.

Radha is very excited when she tells Mohan they need to leave back quickly, Kunal asks what is the hurry to go back as they should stay here for seven days and the stay will be sponsored by the company, he explains they can stay here for as long as they like. Radha replies that their daughter is in the hospital and so they need to go back. Kunal explains that he has a condition hearing which Mohan gets shocked asking how can he change the rules when they have won the competition, Kunal says that this is his competition and he can tweak the rules a bit, Kunal says that he needs Radha, Mohan is shocked and holds Kunal by his collar but Kunal requests him to calm down saying they are business partner, he informs he needs to need the voice of Radha for their audio book and podcast, Radha at first refuses but then even Mohan suggests she should do this as it is a very good idea, Radha finally agrees, Kunal says that he knows Radha likes to greet by holding her hands but now that they are business partners can she at least shake hands with him, he asks Mohan for the permission who says Kunal should ask Radha, she shakes hands with him but Kunal secretly removes the ring from her finger. Kunal leaves while holding it.

Mohan and Radha are standing at the creek while enjoying staring at the ocean, Radha asks Mohan to give his phone and shows the video of the dolphin, she tells Mohan that this is the ocean dolphin crease but Mohan corrects her however after a while asks her to let it go, she suggests they will surely come here the next time when they come with their family. Kunal remembering what Damini said to him, says she is completely wrong as she does not know that his name is Kunal Kayshup and he gets whatever he desires, he starts smiling.