Radha Mohan 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kadambari blames Radha for being the killer of Tulsi


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Ketki reads the letter which states that it might be her last letter, and she asks them to know that Radha is the one behind her murder if they find this letter. The entire Trivedi family is shocked as Ketki reads the letter in which Tulsi prays that Gungun should remain protected and away from Radha because she has seen the obsession in the eyes of Radha so she wants to marry Mohan, she can enter their house and befriend Gungun in order to get close to Mohan, she asks Gungun to stay away from Radha claiming to be her mother. Damini and kaveri are smiling thinking their plan is about to be fulfilled. Tulsi pleads with Ketki to believe Radha as she can never do anything so heinous, she asks them to not believe in even a single word from these letters since she has not written them. Kadambari is not able to control herself and about to fall down, Damini rushes to her side requesting her to control herself, Kadambari hugs Gungun assuring she will not let anything happen to her. Damini asks everyone to see what they thought about Radha and how she was actually like, as they all believed that Tulsi had committee suicide but now found out that Radha has murdered her. Dadi angrily stops Damini, she walks in front of her asking what is she saying, since their Radha can never do anything of the sort. Damini asks if all these letters which Tulsi has written are also false, she blames Radha for being a killer. Tulsi warns Damini to stop talking since Damini knows that she has never written these letters but she does not have any proof of it. Damini says she could not have thought that Radha was following such an extensive plan and killed Tulsi to marry Mohan.

Tulsi says that it is all a lie and pleads with them to not believe anything that Damini is saying, she wonders when did she give all these letters to her mother when she knows that her mother would never support Damini.

Mohan is sitting in his room while Radha is being taken towards the cell, Mohan keeps crying and is not able to control himself while even Radha is also emotionally broken. Radha remembers how Gungun blamed that Radha killed her mother and so she asked Rahul to file the complaint. Mohan recalls how Radha stood by his side and always supported him in each and every situation, but still he is not able to believe, Radha remembers when Narmada said that Radha cannot walk away from this since Tulsi herself has written everything in the letters and even Gungun blamed her for being a liar. Mohan remembers when Radha pleaded with him to protect her since she can never harm anyone.

Dadi is standing when Narmada comes saying that she did not believe Gungun until she showed her those letters that Radha is the killer of her own daughter. Narmada mentions she does not know for how long these letters have been with her, kaveri is glad that with this plan her daughter has even convinced the elders. Damini exclaims that she always desired the best for Mohan even when she loved him but did not expect Radha would do something like a murder. Rahul says he was saying from the start that Radha has an agenda for coming into this house. Damini blames she has now understood that Radha is even a killer and this is why she got close to Mohan, she went close to Mohan by pretending to give him the Bhagwat Geeta, and then using the photo of Tulsi got close to Gungun. She got close to the entire family by pretending to be nice and humble, and then became the mother of Gungun without even saying it, she even trapped Mohan by using Mohan. Dadi once again scolds Damini, Tulsi requests Maa to not believe anything of the sort since she knows how Damini is like. Dadi is about to slap Damini but is stopped by someone, they all are shocked to see that Kadambari is the one who has stopped Dadi. Dadi turns back in shock, Kadambari says she has no right to raise her hand on Damini, Dadi says but Damini is saying such awful things about Radha and even kadambari knows that Radha is not like this, Kadambari says that she will decide what is right or wrong and Dadi should just give the answer to this one question that when Radha came to their house, did she love Mohan or not. Dadi remembers how Radha was in love with Mohan from even before she came into this house, and then she found out that Radha fell in love with hi. Ramaveshwar asks what is Kadambari saying since there was nothing of the sort, kadambari asks then why did Radha keep the Varth of Tej for Mohan. Dadi remembers how she told Radha to not tell anyone, Kadambari asks Dadi to say it, she angrily questions why did Radha keep the varth of Tej for Mohan. Dadi is not able to give an answer, Kadambari says she has desired an answer that when Radha came into this house, did she love Mohan, Dadi accepts that Radha loved Mohan even when she came into this house.

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Ramaveshwar along with the entire Trivedi family is shocked, Dadi says that Radha loved Mohan even when she came into this house, rather it was even even from a long time ago or rather since her childhood, ever since Mohan gave her the Bhagwat Geeta, Radha loved Mohan but it was not only love but she used to perform his pooja, Dadi says that just as pure is the love of Radha, then it is also the truth that Radha can never do anything wrong and kill anyone, Kadambari angrily warns Dadi to stop this act and lie, since he has understood the entire truth and the reason why Radha came into this house and stayed with them, she knows it was a well planned scenario. Kaveri and Damini are smiling otherwise why would anyone let their grown daughter go to another city and live with them, Kadambari says that now their plan has ended along with that of Radha. Damini and kaveri are smiling, Damini thinks this is her last googly after which Radha is out.

Precap:Radha pleads with Mohan to believe her that she has not killed Tulsi, Mohan says that he believes her more then his own life and knows she can never harm anyone, and he knows who has done it, Radha asks the name and Mohan reveals it is Damini, he swears on the life of Radha to reveal the true face of Damini.