Radha Mohan 28th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan and Radha reach the final round of the competition


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Rdha asks Mohan to quickly calls Gungun as how can she leave without seeing her, Ketki hearing the sound feels as if it is the ringtone of Gungun, Kadambari also says this is the voice of Radha but where is it coming from, Ketki notices both Kaveri and Bhushan who seemed tensed so she lifts the cover, they all are shocked to see Gungun lying there unconscious.

Tulsi angrily mentions she will not let Kaveri get away so easily, Kaveri signals Bhushan so they both hit the stretcher which starts going forward so the entire family runs towards it, Rahul while running also falls after hitting the stairs while the stretcher keeps going towards the window and even breaks the glass, seeing this the entire family is shocked wondering what will happen.

Radha tells Mohan they should leave to go back to India as she is not feeling well but Mohan asks Radha to calm down but she says he can stay here if he likes but she is going abck, Mohan however pulls Radha close to him telling her to relax, she is really worried.

Tulsi manages to hold the stretcher before it falls from the window, Kadambari finally takes a deep breath while the entire family is also tensed thinking how is the stretcher not falling down. Kadambari is glad that Tulsi is with them as she protected Gungun, Kadambari along with everyone else runs to the window from where Rahul picks Gungun from the stretcher runs back, the staff of the hospital also gathers. Kaveri and Bhushan are seeing them from the room, Kadambari wonders what would have she said to Mohan had anything happened to Gungun. Rahul vows to not let the three of them get away so easily as they tried to kidnap his Gungun, Rahul wonders where did they go, he asks Ajeet, Ketki and his father to stop the three of them vowing to first break their legs and then call the police. Rahul requests Kadmabari to not let Gungun out of their sight for even a moment, Nirmala agrees saying that both of her Grandmothers are with Gungun so no one can even think about harming her. Rahul angrily mentions that the three of them would not get away, Bhushan advises Kaveri how it is suitable that they should return back to their house otherwise would suffer a lot.

Kunal is standing when Damini greets him asking if he will end the entire finale while waiting at the entrance, Kunal says he is waiting for Radha when Damini gets angry asking what is in that Radha that everyone is just following her. Damini asks him to come with her inside the Lagoon by, as he has chosen such a nice place for the finale then why is waiting his time outside, Kunal asks why should he go inside when every place is good but Damini asks him to come inside and try the cocktails but Kunal saying that he has some important work, Damini angrily exclaims he should wait for Radha but she will not come as she will return after either hearing the news about the death of Gungun but she is going to have a cocktail.

Radha asks Mohan how can she go inside, she gets a call from Kadambari whom she immediately asks how is Gungun, she says she is perfectly fine and nothing has happened to her but Radha replies she will not believe since she feels something wrong has happened to her so she should tell the truth, Tulsi agrees saying that even when Radha is away from Gungun she is thinking of her, Kadambari takes the phone from ketki informing Radha she is not wrong, Kadambari explains the entire situation when Kaveri came to the hospital and diverted their attention but in the mean time Bhushan and Mohit both tried to kidnap her but they stopped them both so they tried to harm Gungun, Mohan is very furious when Radha also says she knew that Damini would surely try to do something, Mohan angrily warns to not let Damini get away so easily, Gungun advises them to just focus on their competition, Kadambari also tells them both that if they win the competition then Damini would not be able to say anything so they should just focus on the competition assuring that Gungun is fine and they all are by her side, the entire Trivedi family wishes them best of luck, Tulsi also prays for their success. Mohan tells Radha that the competition would have started so they both run to get dressed.

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Kunal is waiting thinking Radha should not let her efforts go to waste and prays that she must come quickly, Mohan gets dressed when he turns to see Radha in the western dress and gets amazed but Radha is very nervous and constantly correcting the dress, she slowly walks close to him while he is just staring at her, Mohan is not able to move but signals Radha she is looking fine, Radha tries to speak however he asks her to remain quiet then removes the Bindi from her forehead. Mohan even corrects her hair then signals her to turn, he removes the nose pin and throws it in the room seeing which she gets tensed but he asks her to smile. Mohan even tries to remove the Mangal Sutur but Radha stops him saying she can not remove it. Mohan finally agrees but notices that she does not have any ear ring so brings a pair for her, he even helps her wear them properly. Mohan teases Radha saying she would have to get rid of her hair seeing which she stops him, Mohan then starts making a professional hair style so that it looks formal. Mohan says that she is the most beautiful women in the world while the good aspect is her simplicity and courage which she should never lose, she can not only win this conception but the entire world so asks if they should leave.

Kunal is anxiously waiting when he wonders why did Radha and Mohan not come so this means they do not want to participate in it, he is really worried. Radha is worried telling Mohan that the competition is on the other island so how would they reach there on time, Mohan says he has a way.

The competition has started when Kunal is worried so Damini thinks he should stop waiting for Radha and Mohan as they cannot come so quickly even if they desire, Radha and Mohan set off for the island on a jetski.

Kunal wonders where is Radha asking her to come quickly otherwise the competition might end, Mohan and Radha are moving very fast towards the island. Damini walks over to the stage in order to present the idea about her book, she starts explaining all of the points but Kunal is just waiting for Radha and Mohan, Damini finally concludes her speech, they all clap so she finally sits back, Damini thinks that Radha and Mohan have not reached which means that no one can stop her from wining and getting the contract, she is very confident.

The judges say that it is time to announce the winners, Kunal requests if they can wait for five more minutes as he feels they will arrive very soon but the judges say that the time has already went past and she feels they should not wait any longer, Damini also says how she feels they should not wait any longer because even if Radha and Mohan arrive who knows if they would be able to win. Kunal is very worried but he finally agrees to announce the winners, Kunal gets up to announce it and mentions they have the winner amongst them but before he can announce the result, Mohan requests for a moment, Damini is shocked hearing their voice and gets up but she gets even more shocked to see Radha in the western attire, Damini wonders how did they both reach here so she gets worried while Radha and Mohan are adamant.