Radha Mohan 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Yug invites Mohan and his family to the Holi event

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Mohan sitting on the chair exclaims that when the formalities of the house are completed he has a feeling that he would even find her, Gungun comes to the front asking of whom is he talking about, Mohan turns off the laptop saying he is talking about finding the house as they are very lucky to get such a nice house, Gungun prays he is talking about the house an not the person they donot want to meet in their life, Mohan says she is herself talking of the person, Gungun asks him to show the laptop but he refuses an then she starts coming after him, she even climbs the couch, Mohan agrees on the condition that she gives him her iPad but she refuses saying she needs her privacy so Mohan says then he is also her father so they would agree that would not ask each other, Mohan and Gungun sake hands when Meera comes saying that no one can win from the father, Gungun says he is very simple and even Sargam can make a fool of him, Mohan does not understand when Gungun reveals Sargam said that the off is today and he agreed, so she even got a day off, Meera and Gungun leave when Mohan sits on the couch thinking no one should find out what is going on in his heart that he is still searching for Radha, when he knows she has hurt him a lot and even Gungun, he does not know why he is doing it but just following his intentions.

Radhika is praying in the Mandir when the employee comes saying that not a lot of time is left to go on air, Radhika sets the mike when she suddenly gets a hiccup, she does not give it much importance however when it does not stop she wonders who is remembering her so much, Radhika rinks water hoping it will end after which she wears the headphones but they donot stop, she recalls when Mohan proposed to her with the flower, she keeps thinking about the beautiful moments spent with him, she turns to see in the mirror where the employee says they have thirty second, Radhika thinks memories are of the past but her past does not have any relation with her present just like he does not have any relation with her. Radhika thinks when she said she is just his mental wife and would he support her, she exclaims he should let her go from his memories as she has ousted him from her present and the future plan, even her life, Radhika keeps drinking the wtaer when the hiccups donot stop, the employees keep staring at her as she finishes the entire bottle.

Yug is sitting while his mother is applying the medicine on the injury, she recalls when she asked Radhika why did she not apply the Sindoor and then Yug cut his finger, she asks what was he doing so he replied he was writing his name on Radhika as nothing is more colorful then his blood. Yug says his veins donot have blood but love for Radhika, he asks if he should fill her Mang with boo each day saying it is a nice idea, she asks what is he saying when he laughs replying his mother got tensed, she is able to control herself, she says she knows he loves her a lot and even she loves him but any feeling which goes out of hand becomes an obsession and what if she leaves him due to it, Yug warns her to not say it in her life that Radhika will leave him as how can love be wrong, he sure Radhika will never leave him as she loves him and he also loves her so why would she leave him. Yug gets furious demanding the answer why will Radhika leave him,he says she is his love and life so why would she leave him and is a part of this family, she asks what is he doing when Yug explains he knows she will not love him. His mother apologizes saying she just said it by mistake when she sits beside Yug who says Radhika belongs to him and no one can love her like him as he loves her a lot so she would not leave her love, Yug lies on the bed saying I LOVE RADHKA.

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Radhika starts the show with a smile on her face introducing that tomorrow is her favorite festival meaning Holi, which is to end the differences and problems, she says she has come in the mood for Holi so they should also have a song relating to it. Radhika gets a strange feeling.

Yug while on his bed says he loves Radhika a lot and she cannot leave him, Punan starts cleaning the injury, Yug asks if she sees the love Radhika has for him, Punan asks him to not cry saying tomorrow is Holi, Yug asks if Punan knows how much Radhika loves Holi, he exclaims he is not a good husband, Yug replies if he does not take care of what she likes or does not then she will run from the house, Yug asks if Punan remembers what Dadi said that one only moves ahead if their present is more beautiful then the past, Yug asks what can he do so exclaims if he should plan Holi, he gets excited thinking everyone would be present including the new neighbor as Dadi loves him a lot, and even Radhika desires to meet them, Yug says that when the house, husband and everything wold be good then no one will think about leaving him, he asks if his mother if no one is going to leave him, Yug hugs Punan assuring he tells Punan he will give Radhika everything so she never feels the need for anything, he exclaims he is the best husband, he asks his mother for approval so she agrees. Yug says they both should stop crying and start the planning for Holi.

Mohan in the house exclaims Ba Kai Bihari jee has given him everything but they say one is successful when the family has peace along with success and calm behavior,he finds peace in his children while has gotten a lot of success as the business has grown twenty times in the past seven years but he would be at peace if he meets the person he desires, the door bell rings when Mohan exclaims that Ba Kai Bihari jee is very fast and at the door should be the person who would take him to her.

Mohan opening the door is shocked to see Yug, who says that Mohan did not expect him and asks if he can come inside to which Mohan agrees and asks Yug to be seated who praises the home, Yug says that he hopes Mohan does not mind that he come here, Mohan says that he knows this is how neighbors are, Yug mentions being a neighbor he has come to invite Mohan to the Holi event, Mohan says he wants to warn Yug as his family is very difficult to control, saying Yug has sent he trailer hearing which Yug replies even he lives in the same environment which Mohan would have also witnessed. Yug says he thinks Mohan does not stay alone here, Mohan replied indeed he lives here with his family but there is no need to introduce them, Sargam starts teasing Yug from behind but he manages to catch her, she asks him for his name, he reveals he is her neighbor after which she asks if he has board games, when Yug tries to reveal he has them so Sargam mentions she likes all the games and has an off on Sunday, Yug agrees to play with her. Meera mentions Yug should think as she is a tornado, Mohan pulls Sargam to her, he says that she is Shalgham for him while Sargam for rest of the world, he calls Gungun karela but then reveals her true name, Mohan mentions Sargam is the daughter of his sister, Yug says that she is the one who was with Dadi, Mohan apologizes for what happened, Yug explains he would feel nice if they will come to the Holi, Mohan agrees to see him off and explains that Sargam would be seen outside his house, Yug walks out when Mohan tips and drops his phone, Yug picks it up but gets shocked seeing the wall paper on it, Mohan does not understand.