Radha Mohan 23rd February 2024 Written Episode Update: Radha vows to find out the truth

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Kadambari stops Radha saying her time is not good so she should stay away, Tulsi says she has understood her desires and then must take her away, Tulsi calls her Kadu asking if she cannot understand it, hearing Kaveri gets shocked asking how she dare call kadambari Devi as Kadu, Tulsi asks what if she said her kadu, she even calls Kaveri as a battery. Kadambari asks Kaveri to come as it is better if they stay away from her, Tulsi picks up the metal vase but Kadambari warns her and leaves with Radha. Tulsi starts laughing.

Mohan tries to feed Gungun but she refuses to eat anything saying she is not hungry, Mohan says he knows she is very tense and even angry but what is the problem with these vegetables who desires she should eat them, Gungun replies she is not feeling to joke, Mohan replies he also does not want to joke, he asks if she remembers when he told her that one should not get angry on the food but should eat when they are tensed, he asks her to quickly open her mouth and eat the vegetable. Mohan tells Gungun that she should not have behaved like this with Ramaa, Gungun asks what Ramaa did and Mohan replies he knows she was wrong but the children do not have any right to yell at their parents, he asks if she knows the struggle Radha faced does just to become her mother as she even sacrificed her childhood but Gungun snatched the right in a moment. Gungun questions what she did to her mother, Mohan questions if she forgot what Radha did for her, saying that Radha married him just for Gungun and even left her house and family, just because she can make a relationship with Gungun and she would even fight with death for Gungun, saying she knows how many times Radha risked her own life for Gungun but what she did to her and it was not right. Gungun replies she does not know what is right or wrong but she just knows she is angry with Ramaa, Mohan says everyone has the right to be angry but they do not have the right to break the relationship.

Mohan says he will not pressure her and she accepts the relationship she has with Radha, he would not tell her what to do but will just say that she will not get a better mother than Radha, hearing this from the door Radha gets emotional and just leaves to go and stand in the corner. Rahda tries to control her tears when Mohan also comes out of the room, he notices she is not able to stop crying so slowly comes to stand behind her. Radha immediately hugs him saying she knows that no matter what anyone says, he will surely trust her and never turn her down. Mohan replies he does not trusting her but just fulfilling the vows he made to her, and is trying to refuse the things that he has seen, Radha asks if he also believes it, and Mohan replies that it is not necessary what he believes but just what she is trying to prove so she should only focus on it, he says she has just one chance and should find the truth from anywhere she likes because she does not have a lot of time. He explains no matter how much he convinces Gungun, the truth is that their relationship is lingering with a string which is her love but it would not be able to bear the weight of the situation and her relationship with Gungun will end. Radha asks what about their relation asking if will also break. Mohan replies that instead of asking questions from him, she must focus on searching for the answer and try to prove the blame that she has placed on Tulsi, Mohan leaves when Radha calls Ba Kai Bihari jee, saying that everyone is going away from her and what can she do so he should show her some way to prove it. Radha remembers when Mohan said she must find out the truth from anywhere, Radha thinks she has realized what she should do which is why she joined the hands with Maa jee.

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Radha tells Kadambari that they donot have any other way to prove that Tulsi is fake and she just needs the skeleton, Kadambari replies that she would get trapped in it all when Radha tries to assure she would not let her be trapped in it, Kadambari replies that Radha would not get it, when Radha replies that this is the end of their partnership but she will find the skeleton from anywhere she can, Tulsi enters the room mentioning she felt they both would be able to cause a little problem for her but their partnership ended, Tulsi mentions they were not able to do anything against her and did their breakup happened, Tulsi asks what would they be able to do separately when they could not do anything together. Tulsi says that first Radha would go from this house and then this Kadu, Tulsi says their packup is about to happen very soon, from this house and the people who live here. Radha tells kadambari is also saving this fake Tulsi, but kadambari does not move a bit so Radha replies now neither Tulsi nor kadambari would be saved and as for the skeleton of Tulsi, she will find it from anywhere. Kadambari thinks that if Radha finds the skeleton of Tulsi, then it would ruin everything and just as the relation of Radha is at risk with each and every member so now she would do anything to find it.

Radha is operating the computer whole being on the call with Shekar, she finds the CCTV footage of where Kadambari has hid the skeleton when suddenly the door opens and Kadambari is standing in front of her asking what is going on here, Radha replies she is investigating the biggest crime of Kadambari, in which she is hiding the skeleton and it will prove that kadambari is the killer of Tulsi and that women is fake. Kadambari looks at the jug of water and so tells Radha would have gotten tired after investigating and will she drink, she then pours water on the computer which shocks Radha, Kadambari starts laughing telling Radha the prove got away from her hands and so asks how will Radha prove she got rid of the skeleton, Radha replies she will bring the skeleton, even when kadambari got rid of the proof but where has she hidden it, Radha calls Shekar telling that she needs the help of his capabilities as a lawyer and even his forensic friends, kadambari tries to stop Radha however she leaves in the car, Kadambari thinks if she finds the skeleton then everything would be ruined, she thinks how she needs to check if everyone is asleep in the house as her way would be clear, she first checks on Ketki, Ajeet then looking at Mohan, Tulsi sleeping separately in the room thinks that they both are very peaceful. Kadambari after seeing that everyone is asleep, thinks it is the perfect time to get rid of the skeleton of Tulsi as even Radha has gone to meet Shekar.