Radha Mohan 21st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kadambari doesnot inform Radha and Mohan about the condition of Gungun


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Gungun asks them both to enjoy and come back after wining the competition while they would then kick Damini out of their house and even go to enjoy in Maldives, Kadambari mentions the three of them would go together, and they all say even they would go with them. Mohan tells Gungun that there is another resort which has the largest water park in Maldives and there is a place called as Nemo’s garden which has the favorite fish of Gungun meaning the clown fish, Mohan promises to also take her snorkeling when they come the next time as there is very good marine life here, Gungun asks what else is there so Mohan says they are staying in the most exclusive villa and they even have their own infinity pool accompanied by the ocean, Mohan says they even have their own butler, Gungun asks who is he when Mohan he is the person who takes care of all their needs, Mohan says he will even show her the room so shows her the bed with the welcome note, Mohan explains it even has a glass floor through which they can see the ocean and the fish, Mohan even starts showing her the entertainment room where they can enjoy together as a family, Gungun starts breathing heavily so kadambari quickly takes the phone asking if Mohan is only going to talk with his daughter or even his mother, the doctor asks the nurse to quickly put on the oxygen mask while he also sends the rest of the family outside, Mohan tells Kadambari they will come back very soon so Kadambari says they should come back quickly but only after completing their work.

Radha is glad that their Gungun is fine when Mohan says even they should do something so he picks the coconut, Mohan with a smile on his face drinks the entire coconut water and even Radha is enjoying.

Ketki gets emotional informing Kadambari that Gungun is not in a stable state, Kadambari think that they cannot tell Radha and Mohan about the condition because they would get worried, they have already went there to compete for their daughter so for the time being they all have to remain emotionally strong like a family. Gungun is still breathing heavily, the nurse looks at Gungun from the window so tells Kaveri that Gungun is not stable and she would not be able to survive, kaveri replies she has revealed a very good news so would surely get the amount for it, Kaveri advises her to give them the news as she is their eyes and ears in the hospital, Kaveri mentions that problems tend to come a lot so if Gungun dies once then Radha and Mohan would not be able to participate in the competition and lose without even participating. Kaveri hearing the news starts dancing, Mohit mentions both she mother and her daughter are enough, Bhushan says but when they need any help then they always come to him, Mohit says even him but Bhushan replies that he is just a hired criminal, he says Kaveri is calling him so he turns to leave when Bhushan hits him in the back. Kaveri exclaims she has to tell this good news to her daughter.

Mohan while driving the car informs Radha that this is the biggest resort present here and even the location for their first competition, Damini tells Kaveri this means that they would not participate in the competition, Damini is shocked to see Radha and Mohan stepping out of the car so informs Kaveri that they came here, she says she feels that the Trivedi family has not told them about the critical condition of Gungun, Kaveri wonders how can they tell them about it, Damini smiles mentioning they can hide that she is ill but how would they hide the news of her death. Radha is very tensed so Mohan informs that everything would be fine and when they return Gungun would be dancing and enjoying.

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Kadambari asks the doctor is everything is fine when he says that Gungun is stable for now but her condition is very critical and they have to perform the second operation, Kadambari asks if they can wait for her parents so the doctor says he knows their desire but fears they would lose , Kadmabari remembers when she stopped Gungun from leaving the house, they all keep thinking of the moments spent with Gungun. The entire family is shocked hearing someone screaming the name of Gungun, they turn to see the mother of Tulsi who starts running to Kadambari asking where is Gungun, she mentions she should have taken Gungun with her but Radha stopped her promising to take care of her but now where is Radha, she starts calling Radha while Kadambari stops her from screaming.

Mohan and Radha come out when Mohan informs Radha that this is the biggest water park here so that she does not pay importance to the comments that the other participants are making about Radha, a waiter comes to serve them food but Radha immediately refuses so Mohan asks the reason when Radha mentions they do not know what might be the ingredients in the dishes here and if it has any meat in it, the manager comes asking what is the problem he informs he is the manager here and belongs from India, so explains that the dishes here are vegetarian along with separate meat options, Radha gives a suggestion about what she desires to eat but Mohan says it would be a little heavy, Radha agrees to eat whatever Mohan decides.

Mohan is shocked to see the same person from the water park coming their way and exclaims he will surely give a befitting reply this time but Radha asks Mohan je to remain calm which the person hears but he leaves. Mohan agrees to not say anything.

The person comes requesting everyone to take their seat, Mohan and Radha also sit down when he informs this place might not belong to his father but this competition surely belongs to his father, he reveals his name is Kunal Kayshup and he is the owner of LSD publication, Mohan and Radha are shocked when Mohan says this means he is the son of Krishna Kayshup, Radha says she is a very nice human being but her son has such a weird behavior, Kunal says they have come here because his company has agreements with the best publications in the world and they all want to work with them and have come here due to their dedication but he says there are some people present here who have only come here because of some reference and without any real talent and that too of his mother Krishna Kayshup, he says that everyone should know that the one who would win this competition would only be able to do it with their own talent and not any sort of reference. Radha exclaims that the day had such a worse start, Mohan gets worried mentioning they immediately got in a fight with him and now he would take revenge using his power, Damini mentions he will exactly do the same as she has filled his heart with hatred against Mohan and Radha, hearing this Mohan gets worried while Radha keeps looking at Kunal Kayshup.