Radha Mohan 13th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Dadi manages to escape from the room

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Mohan sits with the officer asking about the procedure when he informs that Yug and Radhika jee have already signed the papers and now even he must sign, he places his hand over the signature before quickly removing it after thinking about Radha, meanwhile Radhika while driving starts thinking of him and questions Ba Kai Bihari jee why is she not able to forget the person whom she has left in her past and wonders if he will even free her or not. Mohan is just sitting when Meera sees the papers are turning, Yug asks Mohan if everything is okay, then he asks where does he have to sign, the officer instructs him when Mohan signs the papers in front of his photo, after which the officer mentions they have to scan his finger and so he even takes the photo, the officer congratulates them when Mohan requests Yug if he can use the washroom, Pari says that the entire house belongs to him, Pari informs he has to go to the right then take a left and then finally right after which where he smells a nice scent is her bathroom, Mohan gets up to go to the bathroom.

Dadi is shivering from the cold in the room and calling to Radha however she is not even able to speak due to the immense cold, she starts crying thinking she has to do something to get out from here.

Yug comes out of the house asking what happened to her that she is standing outside and wonders if she is a bit weird as she first sent the texts then is standing outside. Yug goes to pat Gungun on the shoulder introducing himself as Yug Kholi, he says she is about to become his neighbor, Gungun shakes his hand when he says he is pleased to meet her, he apologizes saying she tends to scare people and explains even he used to tease people during his childhood. Yug apologizes he is not the typical neighbor who asks for sugar and tea but can give it to her if she ever needs it, he informs everyone is waiting for her so she can join them if she feels like it.

Dadi slowly tries to get out from her bed and manages to sit straight, she keeps rubbing her arms to try and stay warm but she feels severe pain in her back due to the cold, Dadi tries to open the door but is not able to do anything, she then starts knocking on the door demanding that they should open the door as she is feeling cold. Mohan while walking hearing someone knocking and wonders from where is it coming, he thinks it might be his ears as Gungun is surely behind it. Dadi sits beside the door crying, she tries her best to cover herself wondering how can she get out from here and tries to think where is the remote, she then slowly gets up again while calling Radha standing against the door.

Yug is sitting with the officer when Pari asks Meera to come as she will give her a tour of the house, Yug thinks how she might go to the room of Dadi, so he follows them. Mohan is also wondering if this is a house as they need a car to move around here, he sees the room in the corner so thinks it might be there. Mohan walks to the room and unlocks the key, Dadi is standing behind the door while Mohan slowly starts opening it and is just about to enter when Yug stops Mohan saying the bathroom is over there so Mohan goes there, Yug also leaves after locking the door once again, Dadi slowly walks to the door and is able to unlock it by her hands, she then slowly comes out. She reaches the main hall where the officer is sitting asking if she needs any help, she keeps calling Radha.

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Yug returns to the room and thinks it has indeed gotten very cold, he starts calling Dadi but thinks if she reaches Radhika then will complain about him so he will kill her if she does anything wrong, so has to kill her permanently.

Pari while walking with Meera asks how did she like the house, she even asks Mohan how did he like bathroom, he says he could not understand which was the room or the bathroom. Yug comes running when Mohan stops him asking how is he feeling when they are going to become neighbors, Yug runs away saying he has some important work so needs to leave. Pari stops Mohan requesting him to stay for a bit longer as they need to talk.

Yug coming out of the house exclaims Dadi managed to run away so he sits in the car thinking that if Dadi tells Radhika the truth then everything would be ruined so he leaves in the car.

Pari requests Mohan to not leave but he says that if he does not go then how will he come back here to be their neighbor, Pari jee starts joking with Mohan while Meera and Gungun are just listening so they leave.

Yug while driving wonders where did Dadi go because if she reaches Radhika then it would ruin everything, he calls Sahil asking if someone came to meet Radhika, Sahil replies that her show is still on air and after that she has to go to the school of Manan, Yug while driving wonders where did Dadi go as he cannot find her, Dadi is sitting praying in the Mandir asking Ba Kai Bihari jee why does such storms come in the life of Radha, she thought that her life would get better after being away from Mohan but another storm has come in her life as Yug, she cannot understand what he thinks or does so prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee for a sign.

Yug while getting out of the car thinking he is feeling scared for the first time so he decides to call Radhika asking how was the show today and then questions if Dadi called her, explaining she left for Barsana when Radhika replies that Dadi said she would live with them for a few days, she then says Dadi could have at least met her when Yug says they both can go to meet Dadi in Barsana as it is just two hours away, he asks if she is not in the office when Radhika replies she said she will go to the school of Manan so is about to reach there, Yug is glad so sits down thinking if he wants to keep his love story then must keep Dadi away from her and not let anything from her past come near her, Yug drives away.

Dadi says that she has come with a lot of hope to the Mandir because the way Yug behaved with her felt like he will kill her and if he is so mad then why can Radhika not see it, she prays with Ba Kai Bihari jee to show her some way, Dadi is still praying when Mohan also enters the Mandir and slowly starts walking towards Dadi, he also holding his hands starts praying.