Radha Mohan 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan challenges Damini


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Radha says that Mohan would take part in this competition and try his best to win, he will take back whatever was snatched from them with deception so he must say he will bring it, Mohan says she is losing her mind in this situation and not understanding it, Radha replies she knows what she is doing because he is her husband and the father to their daughter while Damini has ousted them from their own house, and inflicted a lot of pain to their family so they have remained nice for far too long but now it is time that they give Damini a befitting reply. Radha raises out her hand demanding that Mohan should swear, he asks what does he need to swear about, she says he should swear that whatever has been snatched from them with deception, he is going to take back everything meaning their honor and respect along with the house and business, while all the jewelry of Maa and Ketki which Damini forced them to remove, he will bring all of that back to them, Kaveri hearing this holds the jewelry even close to her. Radha mentions he will give them both back the same trouble which they have faced while he will even take part in this competition, she says this competition would be the start he needs and he will not stop after winning it. The guests keep looking at Mohan, Radha mentions that the humiliation which he has suffered from Damini, and he has worked as a servant in his own house. She says he must swear that he would stop only after she is forced to come on the roads and he gives them the life worse then the beggars, she once again says he should swear that he will take revenge for all the injuries that she has caused them to suffer and show them any leniency because now they do not deserves it. Damini gets a bit worried so starts breathing heavily. Radha says Mohan should swear but he is just standing there quietly. Damini signals him to not do it but Mohan after hesitating for a while holds the hand of Radha, he swears hearing which Damini and Kaveri both get worried. The clients start smiling. Radha is not able to control herself so hugs Mohan while tears start flowing from her eyes, the clients are also pleased seeing it.

Radha seeing the Tulsi plant walks out of the house while the clients keep looking at her, she sees the Mandir outside the house where they all used to pray so she going there mentions that her Mohan jee has sworn to her and he never loses so now Ba Kai Bihari jee would also get back his right place, she starts reciting a Verse from Bhagwat Geeta, Radha sees the horn placed in the mandir so after picking it she starts blowing it, the clients along with everyone in the house are amazed seeing it. Radha then places the horn back in its place before leaving the Mandir after praying for the last moment. Radha walks to stand beside Mohan who keeps staring at her, Damini is furious witnessing it. Radha holds the hand of Mohan, the clients come to wish Mohan best of luck for the competition explaining they are very glad he is participating was Mohan has remained the tycoon of the publishing world so who would not want to work with him, he says Mohan should arrange the five lax rupees so they are going to wait for his pitch. Mohan thanks Mr Malhotra who leaves with the others. Mohan and Radha walk to stand in front of Damini when Mohan says they are going to meet in the market, Mohan angrily removes the bow tie along with the jacket before walking out of the house, Kaveri tells Damini they have given them a very big threat and what if they actually lose everything and become poor once again so what would happen to them, Damini mentions she will break their desire before they manage to do anything as it is not that easy to defeat Damini Bharatwaj, Kaveri agrees but asks how would they do it, Damini says she will show and so calls Bhushan.

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Bhushan is following Gungun and Ajeet in their car when he gets a call from Damini who instructs them to hit the right now as Gungun should not remain safe under any circumstance, Bhushan assures that it will surely happen so he increases the speed of the car and then hits the scooter from behind due to which both Gungun and Ajeet fall from the scooter.

Radha is walking confidentially when she suddenly starts getting nervous, Mohan asks what happened when she says she suddenly felt something is not right, Mohan says they should not have accepted this challenge, Radha replies it is not the reason but something else is wrong, Mohan is worried about the challenge but Radha replies she is tensed because of Gungun and feels something wrong has happened to her, Mohan says that the sixth sense of Radha has always been correct whenever it comes to Gungun so he decides to call Ajeet, but he is not answering the call since both of them are unconscious on the side of the road. Kaveri says that Radha has a very sharp mind and how does she know they have killed Gungun, Bhushan sitting in the car is looking at Ajeet and Gungun from the rear view mirror, he gets a call from Damini who asks if she has died when Bhushan with a smile on his face says she has died, Damini exclaims she will see if both of them mourn the death of Gungun or compete in the competition. Mohan tells Radha that Ajeet is not answering the call when Radha says they should go to the school of Gungun, Mohan stops her saying he will once again try to contact Ajeet but he is not answering the call. Bhushan in the car mentions that Gungun has died but they should have hit her even harder, Mohit says they have completed their work.

Gungun slowly picks the phone when she answers the call of Mohan, Radha asks Gungun why was she not answering the call. Damini and Kaveri both get shocked hearing it. Gungun replies that Ajeet is parking the scooter when Ajeet asks Gungun is she is fine when she asks him to be quiet saying they cannot tell her parents because they are already in a lot of problem and she does not want them to worry, Gungun tells her father that she is getting late for school so they should talk with Ajeet uncle, Ajeet answers the call and tells Radha that they are fine an what could happen to them both, Mohan ends the call telling Radha that Gungun is fine so she should correct her mood.

Damini angrily exclaims that Bhushan uncle cannot do anything properly and she thinks that Mohan cannot participate in thee competition under any circumstance so she has to do everything herself.

Mohit asks Bhushan how did it happen when Bhushan says they can do it again, Ajeet asks Gungun if she is fine when she assures nothing has happened to her, he hugs her exclaiming she has gotten so mature that she hid the truth from Mohan bhai and Radha only because they might get worried, Gungun then asks Ajeet if he is fine when he assures he is okay, they both are sitting on the road not realizing that Bhushan has started coming in reverse to hit them again.