Rabb Se Hai Dua 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider insults Hamida in front of Dua


Rabb Se Hai Dua 9th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dua tells Hina that she won’t go without meeting with Kaynaat. Hina says I wouldn’t allow you near her. She pushes her, Dua is about to fall but Haider comes there and catches her. They both sadly look at each other. Haider tells Hina how can she behave like this with Dua? He brings her inside. Hina says she tried to provoke your sister and you are taking her side? she is our enemy. Haider says yes, she is our enemy but she is our guest so we can’t insult her like this even if she is against us. We can’t leave our honor, we should thank Dua as now I have fixed Kaynaat’s wedding, she will be married next week. Dua stops him and says please don’t spoil Kaynaat’s life, she loves Hafeez so don’t separate two lovers. Haider says our love showed me that love shouldn’t even start, they would become enemies like us one day. Dua says you are not my enemy. Haider says you are my enemy. I had to because your forced me. Kaynaat is going to marry in a good house so tell your goon of a brother that he is never going to get her. Dua says you can’t force Kaynaat to marry, its illegal and against our religion. I want to talk to Kaynaat. Hina says I won’t let you meet my daughter. Dua shouts for Kaynaat. Hina and Gulnaz try to stop her. Dua is about to run to Kaynaat’s room but Haider grabs her hand and says I didn’t want to do this but you have left me with no choice. He drags her and throws her out of the house. Dua is about to fall but Hamida comes there and catches her. Dua asks why is she here? Hamida says these animals are being cruel with you and you wanted me to stay out? I am not characterless like Hina, she doesn’t have a heart, these people would kill you and Hina tried it. This Hina is characterless. Haider says enough, don’t say anything for my mother. Hamida says I am just talking but you all should be beaten up, you are your mother’s blood, how dare you misbehave with my daughter? you will have to pay for this. She is about to enter the house but Haider shouts don’t you dare enter our house. Hamida says don’t forget that you got this house because of my Dua. Haider says I agree that Dua has done favors on us but we have paid her, I wish we hadn’t taken favors from her so our honor wouldn’t be on stake today. I wish we had no relationship with your daughter so my sister wouldn’t be going against her family. I am ashamed that I had any relationship with your daughter. I wish I had never married Dua. Dua is hurt hearing all that. Hamida says I have never seen a fake person like you, sometimes ago you were repenting for your crimes against my daughter and today you are saying all this for my daughter? I am not surprised because you are son of a characterless woman like Hina and a cheater Rahat. Haider says enough, your son tried to make my sister run away with him and your daughter tried to destroy my family.. you are no one to talk about upbringing. I have manners that’s why I am not saying anything otherwise I would have taught a lesson to Dua when she sent my mother to jail. You are talking about manners but where were they when you provoked your son to make Kaynaat run away with him? where was your honor then? you should be ashamed. Dua says enough.. at least respect her age, don’t talk to her like this. Haider says she deserves this only. She has no manners so don’t tell me to not talk. He tells Hamida to not insult his parents again. Dadi asks Haider to control his tongue. Haider says I am not going to be silent anymore, they don’t deserve my sympathy. He asks Hamida to get lost and don’t come back ever again. Dua thinks I can’t believe this is my Haider. Gazal smirks and recalls Hamida slapping her and insulting her before. Hina asks Hamida if she wants to be insulted more? get lost before we have to throw you out. Don’t show your face again, get lost. Dua sadly looks at Haider and says lets go. Hafeez comes there and asks if Haider agreed to get him married to Kaynaat? Dua hugs him. Hafeez says you promised to make Haider agree to the marriage, did they agree? Hina says how dare you come here? I will kill you, I will never give my daughter to a goon like you. I know you and your mother plotted all this to take revenge, get lost and don’t ever look at my daughter. Gazal asks her to calm down. Hamida tells Hafeez that we lost our honor for your love but these people are made of stone, no one will understand your love here. Hafeez starts leaving with Dua and Hamida but Kaynaat comes there and screams for Hafeez. She says I will go with you, please take me from here. Haider glares at her.

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The episode ends.