Rabb Se Hai Dua 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: ruhaan hits Gazal


Rabb Se Hai Dua 8th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider says I will divorce Gazal. She’s defamed our house. She’s ruined every relationship in this house. She’s the root cause of all evil. If she’s not here dad won’t have to divorrce either. I’ve made my decision. It doesn’t go with your decision dad. I know they made mistakes but Gazal is the main reason behind everthing. Haider looks at Dua and says I will reduce all distance between us.

Gazal says wow. They’re all lying. When someone says anything about Dua you don’t like it. Everyone is against me and you’re not standing for me. You’re being unjust. Its all a lie. Dua plotted all this. Haider says everyone is a liar? She says yes. Haider says why would they? She says Dua is making them do it. Haider says you can’t fool us anymore. She says you knwo Dadi loves Dua. She trusts her blindly. she can lie for her. Haider says don’t say a word against dadi. She will never be dishonest. Gazal says have I never done anyting good? She was sick, she’s gone crazy. Dua shouts and says don’t say a word against dadi. I will slap you. She says you can kill me but I will say the truth. You have taken my home. I won’t leave you. She’s about to slap her. ruhaan holds her. He says how dare you touch Dua. Gazal says I am not weak.

Ruhaan holds her hand and says don’t dare to touch her. She says I won’t stpe back. He says you are a demon. He throws her away. Ruhaan says you got me almost killed. I won’t leave you. Haider stops Ruhaan. Gazal says have some shame. He’s lying. You’re an animal. Wheere were you Haider when your brother left me? He said he wanted to kill you. He can do anything. Haider says you provoked him. Gazal says I won’t sit down. I will tell everyone who real culprit is. Ruhaan is silent because I didn’t do anything. He tried to force me to come near him. He hit me. I stayed silent to protect this family. If I told everyone he’d be in jail. Gulnaaz says you liar. How dae you. I will break your face. Gazal holds her hand.

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Episode ends

Precap: Haider walks to Gazal and says your true face is out in front of everyone, he gives her divorce papers and asks her to leave. Haider wipes of Dua’s tears.