Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th July 2024 Written Episode Update

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Mannat questions Dua why she is sleeping separately? If they have any problem? Ibadat tells her that she will explain it to her later. She asks her to leave from there before Subhan notice her. Mannat leaves from there. Hameeda holds her hand. She lashes out at her for entered into Subhan’s room wearing a short dress. Mannat says that she misunderstood her. Hameeda says that she can fool anyone not her. She warns her to stay away from Ibadat and Subhan’s life. Mannat glares at her. Hameeda fears that she may create a problem in Ibadat’s life. Later, Subhan and Ibadat meets the family members. Hameeda and Dua praises their Jodi. Dua blessed them. Dua advises them. She says that trust is important in their relationship. Hafeez blessed them. He says that god will save them from the evil eyes. He asks Kaynaat to bless them. Kaynaat bless them. She says to Ibadat that she is Dua’s daughters. She is daughters-in-law to others. Ibadat asks her if she do anything wrong? Kaynaat says that she did a sin. She demands Ibadat to wear the dhuppatta on her head from this moment.

Dua shouts on her. Kaynaat says that Dua used to wear dhuppatta on her head. She removed it in the anger on Hina. Ibadat can follow the tradition. Dua says that she removed it because she felt it’s right. According to her, she wore that dhuppatta in her own wish. She wore it for Hina’s happiness. No one forced her to do it. She is giving respect from her heart. She misunderstood that wearing dhuppatta on head is the way to give respect to others. Its wrong. Ibadat says that mom is right. She is also believing in her thoughts. Respect should come from their heart. Many people are wearing dhuppatta on their head but they are not giving respect to others. Its just a show off things. Ibadat adds that she is ready to wear the dhuppatta on her head If Kaynaat is happy. She won’t remove it in front of her. Kaynaat says that she is talking sweetly. There is a rituals in our family tradition. She asks her to cook sweets for them with her hand. Ibadat says that she gave her rights. She will cook for her. Mannat says that she don’t need to do it. Ibadat says that she doesn’t know to cook. She never showed interest in cooking. Mannat says that situation made her learn the cooking. She cooked the food for everyone. She thought to get back her rights. She means the respect. She cooked Subhan’s favourite food.

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Hameeda says to Dua that her fear is right. Today is Ibadat’s rasoi. Mannat cooked the food for Subhan. She don’t feel good. Dua scolds Mannat for snatched Ibadat’s rights from her. She asks her why did she cooked the food for others? Today is Ibadat’s rasoi. Mannat says that Ibadat is tired. She thought to help her. Dua says that they are not fool to believe it. Subhan says that it’s not a problem. Mannat never cooked before. She cooked for them. She has to appreciate her. He says that it’s all his favourite food. Dua gets disappointed hearing it. Mannat feels happy. Subhan says that servant is there to cook food for them. His wife is not a servant. She won’t clean others left overs. Mannat gets frustrated to hear it. Subhan says to Dua that she asked them to take care of the business. Ibadat will support him in the business. She won’t cook for others like a servant. Dua says that she is feeling proud to say that he is her son and son-in-law. Subhan says that he is hungry. Let’s eat. Subhan takes their permission to eat the food in their room. Kaynaat demands him to eat with them. Subhan says that he likes to spend time with his wife. Subhan asks Mannat to serve a plate for them. He treated her like a servant. Mannat feels embarassed. He asks her to pack fruits for them. They leaves from there. Hameeda makes fun of Mannat. She says that she cooked the food in one hour without an experience. It seems she tried a lot and woke up in the morning to prepare it all. She pretends like appreciating her. Mannat thinks that she will make them pay for this humiliation.

Episode ends.