Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua exposes Gazal


Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Rahat says to Hina do you care for Gazal or our relationship? Hina says that’s unfair. She says forgive me Gazal. Dadi says dua no one would stop you. Tell everyone gazal’s reality. Rahat say say everything Dua. Don’t be scared of anyone. Noor says ammi I feel like your game is also over. Gulnaaz says shut up. Dua says to Hina you know I respected you a lot. You always accepted your mistakes. Because of your mistake Gazal’s mom died. You always regretted that. To repent, you always took care of Gazal. Gave her all the love. But she never forgave you. She still hates you. She wants to take her revenge. She would have always hated you. She’s in this house for her revenge. Gazal says don’t take my mom’s name. Dua says I will. You’re using their name for your evil plans. You’re ashaming them even after their death. She says to Hina, you used to see her mom’s ghost right? It was fake. It was Gazal herself. Hina is shocked. She says why would she do that? Dua says to make you weak. To control you and distance you from me. Gazal says don’t trust her. Dua says I know another person who knows this Gazal’s truth.

Dua says to Gulnaaz you and Gazal are one party. You know her reality. Tell everyone everything true. Gazal says don’t say anything Gulnaaz. Gulnaa says what are you talking about. Dua says I knew you won’t speak up. I’ve that ready too. She says to Rahat, you can make her say the truth. Rahat asks her the truth. She says Gazal is very nice. I don’t know everything. i get confused. rahat says haider call the lawyer and get divorce papers. Gulnaaz says for Haider and Gazal’s divorce? He says no your and my divorce. Gulnaaz is shocked. She says what are you saying. He says say the truth. Ruhaan says you lost your son. Now you will lose your husband too. She says what are you saying. You’re my son. He says move away. Hina asks Gulnaaz what truth does she know. She says please tell me. Nothing will happen to Gazal. There liars will be ashamed. Rahat says I will count till 3. Say the truth or pack your bags. Gulnaaz says okay I will tell.

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Gazal says she will lie. Gulnaaz says you can’t scare me anymore. This is about my marriage. She says all allegations on Gazal are.. true. Everyone is shocked. Gulnaaz says Gazal used to scare Hina as her mom’s ghost. Dua asks who told Gazal about her mom’s death? she says me. Dua says to Hina you hated me because you thought I told everyone. Hina says to Gulnaaz you broke your own house. gulnaaz says I did all that for Ruhaan. I was helpless. I wanted to get my son back. Please forgive me. He always give mother’s love to Hina. he was never close to me. I was sharing my husband. I couldn’t share my son. I hated it when he stood up for Haider and Dua. Gazal promised she will get me my son back and hate them all so I helped her. Dua says she accused my cousin as well so she doesn’t have to marry him. She started scaring Hina. She knew Ruhaan loved her trapped him. She manipulated with his emotions. Haider says she played with my emotions. She made me hate Altaf, Haider and my own family. I decided to kill Haider in that hate. Dua says I tried to make RUhaan see the reality. He was in love with her. He didn’t listen to me. He couldn’t see Gazal’s true face.

Dadi says I understood her from day one. i told Dua she’s after her husband. Dua gave her mercy. I heard her talking to Gulnaaz myself. I recorded everything and wanted to tell everyone but she shoved me from the stairs to shut me up forever. Rahat says ammi, so much happened to you in this house. I am sorry. I didn’t care for you enough. Please forgive me. Dadi says the only witness of his crime was Gulnaaz. She stayed silent.

Episode ends