Rabb Se Hai Dua 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ruhaan exposes Gazal and Gulnaaz


Rabb Se Hai Dua 30th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Ruhaan says you’re wrong badi ammi. I will tell everyone the truth. What you see isn’t always true. Rahat asks what is it? He says Dua has no connection with hina’s arrest. I will tell the complete truth. I wasn’t in my senses. A wrong feeling was over my head. He tells how he planned to kill Haider. He tells them everything how he threatened Dua to kill him. Haider. he says Dua tried to stop me and sent Ravi. I hit Ravi and made him injured. So Dua made Haider arrested so he can leave the house and I can’t kill him. Everyone is shocked. Haider says Dua kept telling me but I didn’t trust her. Gulnaaz says Haider won’t leave you. Haider goes to Ruhaan and says my brother, my life isn’t more important than you. You could ask for it. Ruhaan says I made a huge mistake. I was fooled. Please forgive me. He touches Haider’s feet. Gulnaaz says have you lost your mind? Ruhaan shoves her and says leave me. I will tell everyone the complete truth. Bhabhi called the police to get me arrested not Hina. So Haider is safe. Gulnaaz says to Dua what black magic have you done on my son? Ruhaan says don’t accuse her. It’s you who fooled me all this time. I did everything you asked me to do. I can see your and Gazal’s reality now. I won’t listen to you. She says be silent. He says will you slit your wrist again? Or drink poison. Do what you want. I will speak the truth only. I will get Dua her justice.

Dadi says he’s not a kid. Let him speak. He can see everything for how it is. Rahat says let Ruhaan speak. Haider says I also want to know this truth. Why Ruhaan wanted to kill me. Gulnaaz says come with me Haider. Ruhaan says who are you stop me? This is my family. This is my brother. What kind of mother are you, you pushed your own son on the wrong path. You wanted worst for me. What kind of mother are you. You kept lying to me. You’re not my mother anymore. She says Ruhaan I am your mother. He says you dont’ deserve to be called a mother. Ruhaan says my dadi and badi ammi raised me. Haider used to take me to school. Dua bhabhi gave me love like a mother since she came to this house. She always sacrificed for this family and we hurt her only. You keep hell with you. What have you done? you burned this house with Gazal. Gulnaaz cries and says what is he saying. Dua has taken my son. she’s turned my son against me. Ruhaan says enough of this drama. You and Gazal can’t fool me anymore. I had to see the truth some day. I am in my whole senses. I’ve seen your truth with my eyes.

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Ruhaan heard Gazal and Gulnaaz planning against Haider and Dua and use Ruhaan. he says I heard everything. This Gazal is a witch. But you were my mom. You helped her? the girl who got your son kidnapped. A mother gives life not takes her son’s life. Haider says what? Gazal got you kidnapped? He says yes. They kept me hungry there and tortured me. I was blinded by her love. DUa knew her reality from the start. Dua knew her plan and asked me to run away from this house and not marry her. When I left the house, her brother kidnapped me. She asked for 50 lacs in return. Dua arranged that money. And she came to get me released, she told me Dua paid that money to get me killed. Then she turned me against Haaider how he forced her to marry him. She showed me edited videos where you’re touching her. I was so angry I became blinded. I saw what this witch showed me. Her brother gave me that gun. She manipulated me. Gazal says he’s lying. Haider don’t trust him. Haider says shut up. She says Ruhaan wanted to marry me. I loved him, he left me at the nikkah night. He’s hit me. Have you forgotten? He’s lost his mind. Dua says don’t say a word against Ruhaan. Gazal says he’s lost his mind. I will tell everyone how crazy he is. Hina asks what is it? She says I am ashamed to tell. I wish I could remove this stain. One day I was alone in the room. Ruhaan came to he room and forced to touch me. He forced himself on me. When I tried to stop him, he raped me. She cries. Hina hugs her. Dua says stop lying you shameless woman. Ruhaan can never do that.

Gulnaaz slaps her. Gazal is shocked.

Episode ends