Rabb Se Hai Dua 24th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua saves dadi and Ravi


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Scene 1
Haider and Dua open the store. Dadi and Ravi are there. They’re shocked. Rahat says who did this? Dua releases her and says who did this. She cries. Haider picks Ravi. Dua says you will be fine. She picks dadi. Dua says they’re dehydratred. Ravi stands up. Theyr’e shocked to see how is he standing. Haider says how is he standing? Dua says let’s take them out. Haider dresses Ravi’s wounds. Dua takes care of Dadi. she says my daughter, if you didn’t come. I would have died. Dua says this is my family. Dadi says you live in our hearts. How is Qainaat? Dua says she’s with Hafeez. Qainaat comes home. Dadi hugs her. Hamida comes as well. Hamida stops Hafeez. Dadi asks are you okay? thank God you are okay. God will never keep those cowards happy. Hina comes in and says you’re right ammi. Everyone is shocked to see them. Hina says no one will ever be happy in this house. This illegitimate child will ruin our family. dua and her mom are responsible for all his. Hamida’s characterless son did this to our daughter. Your dua ruined our lives and Hamida calls the media and ruined our family’s name. Dadi slaps her. Hina is shocked. She says you ruined our family’s name not them. You care so much about your name that you did all those attrocities on me? I will tell everyone your reality. Dua calms her down. Hina says Ravi and I will tell what you did to us to kill Qainaat’s child. You crossed all the limit. You’re a witch, not a mother.

Dadi tells everyone what Hina did. Everyone is shocked. She tells how they locked her and Ravi in the store. Gazal says ammi what should we do now? Hina cries and says ammi what are you saying? How can I do that? Why are you lying? You’re my mother. I can never harm you. I am your Hina. How can you accuse me like this? Dua must have provoked you. Gulnaaz says Dua must have told ammi to say all this. She says ask Ravi? Gulnaaz says Ravi is always on Dua’s side. We know you’re both lying. Dua says I didn’t say anything. Gazal says stop your drama. Haider and abu wont’ fall for your lies. We didn’t do anything to them. Dadi says don’t you dare to say a word against my Dua. She’s not a witch like you. Gazal says we didn’t do anything. Ravi says Gazal is lying. They locked us in the store. He tells how they hit him and locked him in the store. Gulnaaz says how will we handle a man? hina says stop lying. Dadi says stop bringing Dua in all this. Gazal says dadi ammi you’re lying to everyone for Dua? Hina says she’s planning all this to get us kicked out of this house. I will get rid of this Dua forever today. She’s a curse to our house. Gulnaaz says I am with you. I will end this Dua today. Haider stands in front of Dua. Haider says stop it. Hina says don’t come in between. I won’t leave her today.

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Rahat slaps Hina. Everyone is shocked. Hina says rahat? She’s shocked. Gulnaaz says what did you do? He slaps Gulnaaz as well. He says if you toucb Dua I will kick you out of this house. Hina says come to your senses. Thsi girl ruined our family. You slapped us for her. He slaps her again and says no a single word against Dua. Gulnaaz says this is unfair. He slaps her and says shut up. I will kill you. Hina says how can you take her side? He’s about to slap her again. Dadi stops him and says you can’t hit your wives. He says they don’t deserve respect. They were united by hate not love. SHame on you both. They ruined Dua’s life. They have no shame. Hina says they are our enemies. Gulnaaz and I did what was right for our family. Your daughter is pregnant with Dua’s brother’s child. Imagine what would happen if people find out? The world won’t let her live. I am her mother. I did that for her future. I have no regret. Rahat says you’re her enemy not her mother. You did what your fercious mind told you. You kept her hungry, you hit her. You abused her and even tried to kill her child. Did you think what she was going through? You have no humanity left in you. You didn’t even leave my mom. You kept her locked in the store in this age. And what did Ravi do? Your conscience is dead. She says I didn’t do that on purpose. Dua forced me to do all this. He says how innocent are you. Dua scared you and asked you to lock them up? I wanna kill you right now. You’re such a liar. You did all that because they took Dua’s side. They were gonna protect Qainaat. You forgot everything in your hate. You have no shame. No humanity. You’ve crossed all the limits. You can even kill your own child in this hate.

Rahat apologizes to Dua. He says I am not any less than them. I’ve do such unfair things to you. Please forgive me. Dua says don’t say that. I am your child. He says you loved me like your own father. I wasn’t there for you whenn I needed you. I don’t deserve to be called your dad. Dua says don’t say that. She hugs him. Gazal says ammi do something. Haider won’t divorce Dua. We will be kicked out of the house.

Episode ends

Precap: Haider says to her mother you gave pain to Dua. Heena says it’s your mistake to support her and she raises her hand to slap him. Dua stops her hand and asks Heena to look at her behaviour. Heena shouts at her. Dua raises her voice and asks her not to raise voice infront of her, you were not able to become a good wife nor a mother, i refuse to call you my mother in law.