Rabb Se Hai Dua 24th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Mannat and Ibadat run to save their lives

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Scene 1
Subhan tells Hafeez I want to thank the land that gave me a father like you and a mom like mine. I want to touch that land and be grateful. Hafeez says that’s what I expect from you. He says in his heart my first love I am coming.
Mannat is happy. She says see how we defeated them. Ibadat says we didn’t come here to bring anyone down. Our mission was to just make the women of our community strong. someone comes there, and they’re shocked. Subhan feels like someone is following him. He says who is it? A guy punches him. Subhan says Sufi, you were hitting me? e says we will right today. SSubhan says say sorry. Sufi says why did you agree to go? Think about it.

Ustad says to Ibadat you won’t be able to fight the case. Mannat says who are you? He says the one who punishes the bad people. We protect our religion and nation. Their men come.
Subhan says don’t overreact. Sufi says what will I do there? Subhan says you can do farming there. He says I have so many fans. Will we see farming? Subhan says I want to go. Sufi says because your lover lives there. You wanna go there for her? I don’t wanna go to India. You tell Dad we’re not going. Subhan says don’t worry. You can find a girlfriend there too. Sufi says you find love here. Subhan punches him and says I love her. She will be your bhabhi.

Ustad says you came to the court how will you go here? They have set their car on fire. Ibadat and Mannat are shocked. The men say whoever stands against us is defeated. We won’t leave you alive. They rush to attack them. Mannat and Ibadat run to save their lives. The men run after them. Sufi asks Subhan you’re so handsome, you can find any girlfriend in London. You are husband material. Subhan says I love only one girl and she’s in India. Mannat and Ibadat run to save their lives. The men try to attack her. Dua comes there and takes them to the car. She asks Mannat are you okay? She says we’re fine. Thank God you and Chachu came on time. Ruhaan says why did you have to mess with them? Focus on your career not all these things. Dua says it’s our responsibility to stand for women’s rights. Ruhaan says you are right but I care for our kids. It’s dangerous. Dua says some fights are fought to tell the world the difference between right and wrong. God will help them. You are brave Mannat, I am proud of you. She says thank you ammi. She says you also presented your case well Ibadat. Well, done. Ibadat is about to hug her, but Dua doesn’t look at her.

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Scene 2
Subhan says I don’t know how will I face her when she comes in front of me. What if she’s changed?? Sufi says you never video-called her. You love her right? What age are you living in? Subhan says I am oldschool. I don’t think like you. Sufi says I belong to this generation. I am not boring like you. I don’t want strings. You have so many options. Subhan says I like my love old school.

Mannat says to Dua the real winner is Ibadat. She shut up everyone, she spoke so well. She’s a tigress. Dua says it’s an old habit to revolt. Mannat says what? Dua says I mena I am haappy. Ibadat says I am glad you’re happy. Dua recalls when Haider died because of Gazal. Mannat says to ibadat you did this to get mom’s appreciation? She says no I did it for Razia and other women. Razia says I will cook your favorite food. Ibadat gets emotonal. Mannat says the Moulana gave us a curse that we will marry the same guy and become each other’s sautan. I feel pity for that guy. Ibadat laughs.

Sufi says what if she doesn’t come in front of you? Subhan says she’d come in front of me. I know she is waiting for me as well.

Scene 3
Hina says Dua has given you 2 such a free hand. You do whatever you want. No one cares about what I say. Idiots, you both will be 22 soon. Gulnaaz says these kids don’t understand what we say. Learn wisdom from my grandson Armaan. Ibadat doesn’t listen but Mannat you learn from Armaan. Hina says they don’t understand anything. She says to Razia why did you go with them? Hina says Mannat you’re my wise daughter, why did you listen to this Ibadat? She coughs. Mannat says please calm down.. Don’t be mad. You will get a sore throat. Mannat says you used to hit Ruhaan right? You made him hang upside down. Hina says stop lying. I never did that. Don’t tease me. Armaan says Mannat can change your mood anytime. She loves you and I love her. Everyoen coughs. Subhan says I know you love me. I can’t wait to meet you.

Episode ends

Update Credit to Atiba