Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Mannat feels betrayed by Ibadat

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Gulnaz comes to Mannat and says you are still hurt and the family is trying to marry you off with Subhan, the family worries about their honour more than your love, they will never understand your feelings. Nigar says that Farhan did wrong with her. Gulnaz says this is all hearsay, if Farhan was so wrong then why would Mannat love him? even if he was wrong, that doesn’t mean Mannat should be married to someone else. What if Ibadat wants to marry Subhan with Mannat because she has some gain in it? Mannat says how dare you say anything against Ibadat? She throws them out.

Gulnaz smirks and calls Armaan, she says we have to stop Subhan and Mannat’s wedding at any cost. Armaan says I am preparing for that so don’t worry.

Armaan comes to meet with Farha, he attacks him, Farhan asks what are you doing? Armaan says this is part of the plan.

Mannat recalls Farhan trying to molest her and Ibadat saving her. She cries and says why did Farhan do that? Hamida comes there and tells her to stop crying, she says I know you feel guilty. Mannat cries and says I am sorry for making this mistake. Hamida says you did a mistake but God has forgiven you that’s why you are going to get a husband like Subhan, he is a gem of a person and Ibadat has convinced him to marry you. Mannat says I don’t love him so I can’t marry him. Hamida says love happens after marriage so don’t worry, you both will be strong partners. You know what Farhan did with you, he tried to tarnish your character so don’t even think about him anymore. She says Subhan loves you but he never wants to force you to marry him, if you say no this time then he will never agree to marry you. Ibadat has done this favour on you so don’t let it go to waste, she leaves. Mannat says why did Ibadat do this, she should have thought about me, why did she talk about my wedding? now everyone is forcing me to marry Subhan, this is wrong.

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Ibadat is working on her designs and says everything is fine now, soon Mannat and Subhan will be married. Kaynaat comes there and says you convinced Subhan to marry that characterless Mannat, I want to kill you right now. She tries to slap her but Ibadat stops her and says I am not wrong so don’t hurt me. Kaynaat says what did you tell Subhan to convince him to marry that cheap Mannat? you should be ashamed. Ibadat says you don’t understand Subhan’s emotions. Kaynaat says he is my son so don’t tell me that. You have proven today that your blood is filthy. Subhan comes there and stop it, why do you keep cursing her out? It was my decision to marry Mannat and she will be a good DIL, you will accept her soon. Kaynaat says never, that girl has lost respect in my eyes so she can’t become my DIL now. She angrily leaves. Subhan tells Ibadat that he doesn’t want anyone to disrespect her, he asks if Mannat will accept him this time? Ibadat says your love is true so it will win. He says does everyone get their true love? Ibadat sadly looks him and recalls emailing him all those years. She says I don’t know that, maybe some people are unlucky to not get their love but focus on your love, I think Mannat will agree to marry you and she will soon fall in love with you. Subhan smiles and says I pray all your prayers get answered. Ibadat tries to leave but her dupatta gets stuck in his watch, they both try to free it, Ibadat stares at him. He notices that and smiles. He helps her, she smiles and leaves from there.

The episode ends.