Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi is locked up by Hina, Gazal and Gulnaz


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Scene 1
Gulnaz, Gazal and Hina are taking Ravi away on a wheelchair. They see Ruhaan roaming around and hide from him. Ravi tries to make a noise but they all hide him. Ruhaan looks around. Gazal asks Gulnaz to do something about Ruhaan. Ruhaan is going to them but Gazal makes a noise from another side. Ruhaan goes to check so Gulnaz and Hina take Ravi from there before Ruhaan could see them. Ruhaan leaves from there. Gazal runs away from there.

Gulnaz, Gazal and Hina bring Ravi to the store room and tie him up.

Dua is worried about Ravi and calls Ruhaan. He says I didn’t find him, I will go and check his room. Gazal hears that and goes to Gulnaz. Hina says we have to stop Gulnaz, he can’t find out that Ravi is here.

Dua is waiting for Ruhaan to call her. Hamida comes there and says you are trusting Ruhaan again? don’t you remember that he denied telling the truth to his family. Dua says I know that but he is helpless because of Gulnaz. Hamida says you are helpless that you keep waiting for love from that family, they don’t deserve your pity. They all tried to kill you but you are still worried about them? you still think there is something between you and Haider. Where is your self respect? Dua says Haider is my everything, I can’t imagine living without him. I feel like what he did with me has some reason behind it. He would never do that. Hamida says Haider did everything in his senses, he insulted your mother too. He beat up your brother like animals. I wouldn’t spare him but I stopped because of you. Dua says I feel like I can’t see some things. Hamida says sometimes you have to be logical. Dua says love isn’t about logic. Hamida says truth won’t change and the truth is that Haider cheated you, he married another girl and would soon have kids with Gazal. Dua says Haider didn’t cheat on me, he loves me and would never have a relationship with Haider. Hamida says what if that happens? Dua says if that happens then I will not only end relationship with Haider but forget him too. I love Haider a lot but I love my self esteem more.

Gulnaz comes to Ruhaan and asks where is he going? He says I am going to check on Ravi, Gulnaz says you don’t need to go anywhere. Haider comes there and says I will check on Ravi. Gulnaz says he must be sleeping, he is on Dua’s side. Haider says Ravi is my brother so don’t say anything. If Ruhaan wants to check on Ravi then what’s wrong? lets go and check. They both go to Ravi’s room. Gulnaz panics and thinks to frame Hina.

Haider and Ruhaan come to Ravi’s room and find him sleeping under the blanket. Its actually Hina under the blanket. Haider tells Ruhaan that I hope Ravi becomes fine soon. Lets ask him how he is. They are going to him but Gazal screams to come as Kaynaat is trying to do suicide. Ruhaan and Haider leave. Gulnaz tells Hina to go before they see her.

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Haider comes to Kaynaat and asks what are you doing? Gazal says she was trying to kill herself. Haider screams at Kaynaat and says how dare you try to kill yourself? you should have at least thought about me. Kaynaat says Gazal is lying, I didn’t try to kill myself. She came here and started shouting, I think she wants me to die. Haider asks Gazal why did she lie? what’s wrong with you? answer me. Gazal says I saw it.. Haider says there is no noose or poison bottle here? Gazal says she was holding a knife and I thought she was going to cut her pulse. Haider says this is a butter knife, what’s wrong with you? Gazal says I just got worried. Kaynaat says I was never holding the knife, I think she is up to something. Hina comes there and slaps her hard. All look on. Hina shouts at Kaynaat to stop it. She is about to slap her again but Haider stops her. Hina says she has crossed limits, she is trying to scare us now. Kaynaat says Gazal is lying, I didn’t try do suicide, trust me. Hina says why would Gazal lie? you don’t care about our honor, we don’t trust you anymore. She tells Haider to control her, we can’t leave her alone. Haider says yes, Ruhaan will stay in Noor and Kaynaat’s room tonight. Gazal hints at Gulnaz. Gulnaz tells Hina that Ruhaan will stay with Kaynaat tonight. Hina tells Ruhaan to keep an eye on her. He says okay. Gazal says we will take Kaynaat to the doctor tomorrow. Haider asks why? what’s wrong with her? Hina says she fainted so we have to get her check up done, she is still my daughter. Go and rest. Haider nods and leaves. Ruhaan consoles Kaynaat and says everything will be okay.

Ruhaan calls Dua and says Ravi is sleeping in his room, you rest now. He ends the call. Gulnaz, Gazal and Hina hear that. Gulnaz says this man is a fool. Gazal says Ruhaan won’t go anywhere tonight. Hina says we will get Kaynaat’s baby aborted tomorrow.

Dua is worried and says I feel like something wrong is going to happen. Please help me stop from anything wrong happening.

Precap: Dua drops her phone after listening Kainaat is pregnant. Dua slaps Hafeez and says you should feel ashamed you ruined Kainaat’s life, they three are planning Kainaat’s abortion, we won’t be able to do anything from here we have to save Kainaat and her baby.