Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 18th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Raviraj dies as the masked person

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Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 18th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
The masked person gets ready. He says if you try to save Raj you will meet the same fate you did 18 years ago. Raj asks the inspector who asked you to send them to central jail. Who’s doing all this? Raj steals his phone and calls the last spoken number. He calls Nirvan. Raj is taken to the central prison. The masked person follows Poona. She says I knew this person would follow me and take me to Shaina. She follows the person.

Raj is in the police jeep. They stop the car because of an accident they pick up the person but it’s a statue. The inspector says someone fooled us. nirvan comes there. Raj runs with him. Nirvan says sorry I couldn’t follow Poona. Raj says we’ve to find Poonam. Raj says I’ve to see Shaina. he says I felt like Ppoonam is Purnima. She’s protecting me like Purnima did. I don’t want anything to happen to her. Nirvan says to be careful. I know you will find Poonam. Raj says you’re my brother. Raj leaves.

Scene 2
The masked person comes to a place. Poonam follows him. He goes with a group of veiled women. He goes to the hospital. Poonam also goes inside. Shaina lays in a bed in the hospital. Poonam tries to look for Shaina. She says the person is here for sure. Raj comes to the hospital as well. Poonam comes to a room. She sees someone lying in bed a dead body. Poonam sees it moving. Raj comes to the hospital as well. Poonam takes off the sheet. It’s Shaina. She tries to run. poonam grabs a knife. She says don’t even try to run. The world will know your truth. I will tell the police you’re alive. The masked person hits Poonam on the head. She faints. Raj looks for Poonam. He says Poonam is in the hospital. I hope she’s safe.

Shaina puts a bandage on Poonam’s mouth so she can’t speak. She ties her hands. Shiana gives her an injection. She says in 3 minutes you will die. Raj looks for Poonam. He sees the women going out of the room. Shaina and the masked person run. Poonam tries to ask for help but she can’t. Raj leaves. Poonam tries to make noise. Raj sees the medicine outside. He sees Poonam. He releases her. She says they gave me poison. Poonam can’t brethe. Raj gives her an antidote. He says I told you to not risk your life. Poonam says Shaina is here. That masked person is also here helping others out. Poonam says they must be around. They run out.

Scene 3
Shaina and the masked person try to go in their car. The tire is punctured. They try to run. raj and Poonam came there. Shaina and the masked person run. Raj goes after them. They hide in a small house. Poonam sees them running. She goes after them. Poonam follows them. Shaina falls. The masked person leaves her there. Poonam runs after the person. She fights with him. Raj comes there too. The masked person puts a gun on Poonam. She recalls her accident. Poonam says you did the same 18 years ago. You took my Raj from. Rja is shocked to hear it. Poonam says but not today. You can’t part us again. Raj cries and says, Purnima. The person is about to shoot her. Raj hits him with a rod. The person falls. Raj says, Purnima. He hugs her. They both cry. Raj and Purnina run after the person. He falls.

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Raj takes off his mask. It’s Raj’s chacha. He says, Shaina. He dies. Rja is shocked. Raj’s family comes there. Chachi cries and asks how did this happen. Nirvan and Chachi scream and cry. Poonam doesn’t see the tattoo on his leg. Sumitra says Ravi did all this? he tried to harm all of us? She cries. Ravi’s dead body is taken away.

Scene 4
Gururaj says my brother tried to kill my son or should I grieve the loss of my brother. His wife says Ravi can’t do anything. sumitra says everything is in front of us. we gave him everything. Why did he do this? The police come there. They say we have the answers. The investigations told us he has been doing corruption with your business for years. He knew Raj had the majority of the wealth share so he wanted to kill Raj to get his share. Guruaj says I trusted him blindly. Chachi says he can’t do that. He can never do that. He was never greedy. nirvan tries to console her. Nirvan cries and says we can’t understand him. Chachi says he can’t do this. Are you also questioning your dad? Nirvan says he was never loyal to you. He never made you happy. She says he was my husband. I know he was loyal to his family. She leaves crying. nirvan tries to console her. He cries. Raj says we are all in shock. Nirvan says how can Dad do this. Raj says I don’t know how to share your pain. Shrae and Geetu console Nirvan.

The inspector says we found footage of Shaina adn the masked man running from the hospital. That absolves all allegations against Raj. Shaina tried to kill Poonam. We will find Shaina. Raj says Shaina has two charges, an attempt to murder Poonam and killing Purnima 18 years ago. The inspector says Chiragh is still in jail for killing Purnima. Raj says Chiragh is paying for the crime he didn’t do. Shaina and the masked person killed Purnima. Not them. The inspector says do you know a witness? Raj says there is one who saw them. inspector asks who? Raj says, Purnima. Everyone is shocked. He looks at Poonam.

Episode ends

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