Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya swears to protect Malwa

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ahilya and Maina running to Malerao. She asks what did you do, Malerao. He says I don’t want to die, he will kill me, I m scared. She says nothing will happen to you, I m with you. He says I made a big mistake, I will never do this, forgive me, I don’t want to die so soon, I will become a good son, save me. Ahilya says nothing will happen to you. She shouts to call Tukoji and Harku. Malerao says I m feeling sleepy, I have to sleep in your lap. She says no, don’t sleep. She shouts call the Vaid ji. Malerao breathes his last. Ahilya and Maina get shocked, and cry aloud. Tukoji, Yashwant, Gangoba, Harku and Sita come. They get shocked seeing Malerao dead. Ahilya asks Malerao to get up. Harku hugs Maina and consoles. Everyone cries.

Ahilya does Malerao’s final rites. She thinks of his words. Pandit says we all will pray that Malerao’s soul gets peace. Sita says life seems ordinary to me. Ahilya says life is valuable and death is the final part of it, we have sorrow, but it’s a Dharm to live life. She goes and sees Malerao’s toys.

Rakma says Malerao is no more, how long will you sit like this, its morning when you wake up, try to understand, Ahilya is a mum, it’s a big sorrow to lose her son, if anything wrong happens and Holkars lose Malwa Rajya, then the history will never forgive you. The man says Malwa is surrounded by sorrow, the iron is hot, hit the hammer. Gangoba says Tukoji is saying right, Ahilya and we all are facing a big sorrow.

Tukoji says we can’t expect this from Ahilya. Gangoba says she is Ahilya bai Holkar, I have seen her since her childhood, she has faced much sorrow in life, she will overcome this sorrow also. Harku comes to Ahilya. Ahilya says everyone left me, they didn’t think how will I live without them. She cries. Harku says you know it well, its natural for a person to die one day. Ahilya says yes, the person has to die, the problem is to lose loved ones at a wrong time, they all left me. Harku asks who can understand this more than me, people left their responsibility on your shoulders, you can keep this responsibility, Shiv Shambu has chosen you. Ahilya says I want to be alone for sometime. She hugs Malerao’s clothes and cries. Ahilya comes to the Darbar. Gangoba says I want to tell you something, Malwa is facing a big problem, its surrounded by darkness, you are the hope of light, I m sorry, I can feel your sorrow, you have to keep your responsibility. She says don’t embarrass me by apologizing, you are our inspiration, life never stops, it won’t stop in Malwa also, you all are a witness of my journey, I will not step back from doing my duty, I have done Malerao’s final rites and did my duty as a mother, now a queen will fulfill her right. She wears the queen’s shawl and prays. She takes Shiv Shambu’s shivling. She says I have to do my duty, my work is to keep the people happy, I m responsible for my work, I have to answer the Lord, I swear that I will serve Malwa, fight, live and die for Malwa, my promise and dedication will never change, protecting Malwa is my first duty and last motive, Malwa’s people will not become orphans until I m here, I dedicate myself to Malwa, Jai Malwa, Jai Bharat. They chant Har Har Mahadev. Ahilya’s journey is seen. Everyone smiles. She sits on the throne.
The show ends

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