Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya decides to inform Peshwa about Nizam

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ahilya taking care of Malerao. Harku asks Sita to have some food. Sita refuses. Ahilya comes to Sita. She says Gunu ji just played the evil games, if he had connected to this Raj Darbar with good intentions, then Malwa and our family state would have been different, life isn’t like a line, ups and downs keep coming, this sorrow is big, you have to think about future, have some food, we all are with you, you aren’t alone, have food.

Sita says I have support only from you, you can fix everything, Aai Saheb. Ahilya gets emotional. Sita cries. Ahilya wipes her tears. She gives the food to Sita. Sita eats the food. Ahilya goes to Gangoba and everyone. Harku sees Maina crying. Maina feels guilty. Harku says calm down, we have to accept whatever Lord gives us. She asks Maina to come with her and have food.

Nizam’s men catch a villager. The villager says we have no food to eat, your soldiers are looting our houses, pity us. Sardar kicks him and says I m having food, did anyone not teach you manners. The man says please donate something. Sardar whips the villager. He says just feel like this whip is a sack of grain, Ahilya has become weak, Malhar is dead, Malerao is not capable of anything, how will Malwa run, tell her that if she accepts Nizam’s friendship, then everyone will get food and help. Yashwant says we have to solve this problem. Gangoba says Nizam has declared a war. Tukoji says just because Ahilya has rejected his proposal, we are loyal to Peshwa, we can’t cheat him, he was trying to force us to cheat. Gangoba says I know, but he is taking revenge now. Yashwant asks how will we tell this to Ahilya. Gangoba says we will inform her. Tukoji says there is a dilemma. Gangoba asks what is it. Tukoji says you are saying right, but many times, you don’t see a person’s pain. Gangoba asks what did I ignore. Tukoji says she is upset about Malerao’s condition. Gangoba says the throne isn’t made of roses. Ahilya comes. He says its good you have come here, we were coming to you. She asks the matter.

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He says there is a big threat on Malwa. She asks what threat, what’s the matter. Malerao holds the maid’s hand and calls her Kesar. The maid runs away. Maina stops him. He asks her to leave her. She says don’t do this. He goes outside and locks Maina.

Ahilya says I will not neglect my duties. She hears Maina shouting. Maina runs after Malerao. Malerao imagines Kesar. He beats a servant. Maid says I m not Kesar. Maina says Malerao is looking for Kesar. Ahilya says don’t worry, I will see. She asks Tukoji to write a letter to Peshwa and inform about Nizam’s proposal. He asks her not to worry. Malerao beats the man more. Ahilya stops Malerao. She asks the soldiers to take Malerao to his room. Malerao says leave me. The maid says he has beaten him a lot. Ahilya worries.
Ahilya and Maina see Malerao falling down the balcony. They get shocked.