Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Gunu ji dies

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Gunu ji coming to Malerao. He sends the servant away. He shuts the door. He goes to Malerao and says I will take you to Kesar. Malerao says you will take me to Kesar. Gunu ji says yes, I will send you to Kesar forever. He is about to stab Malerao. The servant comes back. Gunu ji asks what is it. The servant says says I have to give the medicine to Malerao. Gunu ji says fine, give it to me. He sends him. He thinks its not easy to kill Malerao here. He takes Malerao with him by lying about Kesar. He takes him to some storeroom and says Kesar is here.

Gunuji says Kesar is there, she is waiting for you. Malerao goes and falls down. Gunu ji says Kesar is there, look at her. He takes a sword. Malerao asks where are you, Kesar. Gunu ji asks isn’t she here, did you see. He goes to strike Malerao. Ahilya comes in time and stops Gunu ji. She recalls learning from the maid that Gunu ji has taken Malerao. She scolds Gunu ji for cheating her. She pushes him. She asks Malerao to get up and come to senses. Gunu ji says look at him well, because now, nothing will get fine. Ahilya asks how will it get fine, snake will bite at any cost. Gunu ji gets angry. She says your truth got exposed. He says its good you have come here, I will kill both of you.

She says you would have not seen this day if you weren’t the son in law of this palace, your sins pot is full now, it’s a last warning for you, else get ready for your final time. He says wow, death is in front of you. They start sword fighting. She falls down. He taunts her. Sita stops Yashwant and tells everything. He gets shocked. Ahilya gets up. She scolds Gunu ji and strikes him. Malerao looks on.

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She beats Gunu ji with the whip. She recalls Khanderao’s death. She says you had planned to kill Khanderao, and now when your truth has come out, my doubt was right, you were wicked and fraud since the start. She asks Malerao to get up. Gunu ji runs to stab Malerao. Ahilya makes Malerao aside. Gunu ji gets stabbed by mistake. Ahilya and Malerao get shocked. Sita, Yashwant and Gangoba come. They get shocked seeing Gunu ji dead. Sita asks what did you do, Ahilya, its wrong.

She says Gunu ji had to get punished for his sins one day. Ahilya says I didn’t kill him, his evil intentions have become a reason for his death. Sita says I explained him a lot, he didn’t listen. Ahilya says I have also undergone this pain, those memories still hurts me, so I know this pain. She hugs Sita.

Malerao steps out of the palace. Someone attempts to kill him. Ahilya gets shocked and runs to him. She shouts Malerao and wakes up. Harku comes. She asks why did you scream. Ahilya says nothing, go to Sita and see what she wants. Harku goes to console Sita. Sita is dressed in white clothes. She says Gunu ji got punished for his sins, I can’t meet anyone’s eyes. Maina cries and says I don’t understand what is happening, if anything happened to Malerao. Ahilya says no, nothing will happen to him, I m his mum and I can do anything to protect him. She consoles Maina and hugs her. Malerao is sleeping. Maina apologizes.

Malerao falls down the balcony and gets hurt. Ahilya and Maina run to see him.