Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya devises a plan to fight Raghoba

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 19th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Harku asking where is Tukoji. Guard says he went on a mission. Ahilya says fine, you can go. She asks Harku to send a message to Yashwant. Raghoba says its time for my victory, now I have to win, no one will come between it. Ahilya asks Yashwant about their army and arms. He says we don’t have much ammunition to attack the enemies. She says send a letter to Tukoji and ask him to come back, we have to end Raghoba’s sin forever, Malwa needs Tukoji, send the letters to Shinde and Gaikwad also, I will talk to Malerao and seek his help, only then Malwa will get saved. Malerao sees the dancer’s dance. Gunu ji looks on.

Ahilya asks Maina where is Malerao. Maina asks don’t you know, he is celebrating on becoming a king. Ahilya goes to Malerao. She says the Rajya is in danger, will you keep your duty like this, you know what happened to Kings who are sunk in alcohol. Malerao claps. He argues with her. He says everything will happen as you want, you need me now, so you want me to remember, I will never come with you.

He says I m a namesake King, everything happens as my mum wants. He is too drunk. He falls down the balcony. Everyone gets shocked and runs downstairs. Vaid checks Malerao and does the aid. Vaid says he can’t get up from the bed for the next 10 days. Ahilya is shocked. She cries.

Malerao gets conscious and demands alcohol. He asks Maina to get alcohol for him. Ahilya looks on. She cries and goes. Malhar asks what happened Ahilya. She says I m scared, I don’t think Malerao will support me, after you left, I have fallen alone. He says you have done much good deeds, and your good deeds will stand by you. Harku comes and holds Ahilya. She asks what happened. Ahilya says I will work for Malwa till the last breath, because I have Malhar’s blessing. She calls the guard. She asks him to call Yashwant. She talks to Yashwant about the plan. She says we didn’t get Tukoji’s answer, we can’t face Raghoba, I know Raghoba, he won’t give us much time, maybe he attacks us tomorrow morning. Yashwant asks how will we manage in such a short time. She says we have to win this battle. He says yes, but how. She says I have found a way. She tells his plan.

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Gunu ji says Ahilya has learnt your attack plans. Raghoba says we have many soldiers and weapons, Ahilya has an injured son, Tukoji isn’t here, there is no one to help her. Gunu ji says Ahilya can fight with thousands of soldiers, that too without any weapon, I feel your plan will fail. He thinks I have given this last chance to Raghoba, I have decided to give the last wound. Ahilya gets ready. Yashwant says I have called them. She nods.

Sarja’s husband Dushyant comes. Ahilya smiles seeing her. Dushyant says I have come when Yashwant messaged me, I want you to meet someone. He introduces Sarja and his daughter, Suganda. Ahilya says she is just like Sarja. Suganda says my determination is also like mum, I have got an army of 500 girls, I m with you to protect Malwa. Ahilya smiles and recalls Sarja.

Gunu ji says Ahilya is coming with her army. Ahilya meets Raghoba and gives him a letter. He keeps sword at her neck.