Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghoba misleads Malerao

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ahilya saying sometimes you have to fight these things yourselves, you are a wife, you have to save your emotions and rights, keep trying, its nothing wrong, Maina, I don’t know when will this storm get calm, but whenever it happens, a new picture and name will come out, it will be your picture and wife, Malerao’s wife Mainabai Malerao Holkar. Maina cries. Ahilya holds her. She leaves. Maina takes the sweets for Malerao. She looks for him. She sees the rope and gets shocked. She shouts to call Ahilya. Malerao says you here… Raghoba says yes. Malerao says you were against Kesar and my love, why would you help me. Raghoba says I was against your mum’s ethics, but not love, I have told that against Malhar and Ahilya, I m sorry to you if you felt bad, I promise, Kesar will go with you, but you have to come with me, so that you safely cross the limits. Malerao says no, I will go to Kesar and meet her first. Raghoba says she is at her house, Gunu ji met her. Maina cries.

She says Malerao left. Malhar asks what, Malerao left? He coughs. Gautama holds him. He says if Malerao doesn’t back then… Ahilya… Dwarka says don’t take tension, leave Malerao on his state. Ahilya says don’t worry, I will get Malerao back. Raghoba says love ruined many kingdom, now its Malwa’s turn. Gunu ji smiles. Dwarka comes to meet Acharya ji. He says you should have called me there. She says I had to give you some imp news. He asks her to say. He sends his disciples outside. She says Malerao has escaped from the palace, we don’t know if he fled or someone made him leave. Raghoba says I gave you a deal before, you will get new Subedari and Kesar also. He gives him Kesar’s chunri. FB shows… Gunu ji and Raghoba look for Kesar at her home. Gunu ji says Kesar isn’t here. Raghoba says Ahilya might have sent her, we should think ahead of her. Gunu ji says we can tell Malerao that Ahilya got Kesar killed. Raghoba asks do you think you deserve to sit on the throne. Gunu ji says yes. Raghoba asks why do you think of murder always, we will use this chunri well and explain Malerao that he should come with us.

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Raghoba says Kesar has sent this chunri as a message to you. Gunu ji says Kesar asked you to secure yourself first and then meet her, its my promise to make you meet her. Malerao nods. Raghoba smiles. Acharya comes to the palace and meets Malhar. He asks about Malerao. Ahilya says we didn’t make him leave. Acharya says we give you two days to get him back, he shouldn’t marry Kesar, else we will boycott your family. He gets angry and makes a leave. Malhar and Ahilya worry. Dwarka smiles. Ahilya cries. Raghoba takes Malerao with him. The guards follow. Gautama starts coughing. Harku comes and asks are you okay. Gautama says yes, I just coughed, I m fine, you don’t worry about me, focus on Malhar. She goes. Harku worries.

Ahilya and Tukoji come to some place to meet Kesar. A man comes there. Tukoji stops him by pointing the sword. He unveils the man’s face. Kesar says you cheated me and made me leave the palace, I told you, I will leave from your life if you say once, why did you do this with me. Ahilya says I didn’t cheat you but kept you here to save your life, you would have not been alive if I had to cheat you, Malerao left the palace today, did he come here. Kesar says no, where did he go. Ahilya asks where did he go. Tukoji says he is Raja Ram, he has seen Malerao and Raghoba crossing the border secretly. Ahilya asks what. The man tells her everything.

Ahilya thanks him and asks him to leave. She says my doubt was right, it means Malerao got cheated. Tukoji asks shall we attack Raghoba. She says yes, but if Malerao did this by his will, then he has to come back by his will, there is just one way left now. Kesar asks what. Ahilya looks at her. She gets Kesar to the palace. Malhar asks what’s all this. Ahilya says Malerao’s world revolves around Kesar, if she has come here then he will come back to meet her.

Malerao says I have to meet Kesar first. Raghoba says this isn’t possible. He catches Malerao. Ahilya and Tukoji come to negotiate with Raghoba. She says I m ready to pay any price. Raghoba asks her to give Malwa to him.