Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 5th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sagar meets Vedika in the Mandir

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Saraswathi along with Vedika and Koyal are performing the pooja when the pandit jee has asked for the dupatta for both of them, Koyal sees him signaling her so goes to take the dupatta while then even Vedika goes take the dupatta while standing with Saraswathi, Koyal exclaims pandit jee is trying to make them fear without any reason, she thinks she just needs to find one wealthy person and after that all of her troubles would end but for this she needs the support of Bhagwan. Sagar standing below the stairs sees Koyal and remembers she is the same girl so thinks she is the one who would have taken her wallet, he vows to not leave her so runs from the back but he gets stuck amongst all the people in the Mandir, Koyal in the meantime turns back when she gets shocked seeing Sagar amongst all the people, she wonders what is he doing here so then runs out of the Mandir from the other side, Saraswathi is still standing with Vedika when she is presented with the Diya which she takes to place in front of Bhagwan, then even Vedika takes one of it but Sagar coming from behind just sees her dupatta, he forcefully pulls her out when she questions how did she dare touch him mentioning they all are seeing, Sagar says that today he will not hear any of her excuse as she first made a scene about the accident then stole his wallet, Koyal looking at them from the corner thinks she is safe. Saraswathi is looking for the girls when Pandit jee coming asks if they ran away revealing the girls are the same, Saraswathi says that one should not stop anyone from reaching their goals.

The police constable pull a criminal out of the jail and while talking with each other say that his case is from twenty years ago and it was a hit and run case which has not be sorted, the driver is the same one who hit the car which Gautham was driving.

Sagar is furiously pulling the hand of Vedika and then slips while walking down the stairs causing Vedika to fall with him, he after looking at her says that she is not the same girl, Vedika gets up blaming Sagar for teasing her, he tries to explain there is a mis understanding when Vedika replies he brought her from the Mandir but is saying that he is not teasing her, Sagar tries to explain himself when Vedika says he is still holding her hand, the people ask why is Sagar teasing the girl, he tries to explain that someone stole his wallet, Vedika asks if he thinks she is a thief when Koyal coming says that he should be taught a lesson, she instigates a person explaining Sagar is misbehaving in broad day light that too in front of the mandir and so he should be taught a lesson, she hands a stick to the person who is about to hit Sagar, he explains that he just saw her dupatta, the crowd still come ahead to beat him but he stops them, then one of the boy threaten that Sagar should talk with him but then tries to hit him so Sagar punches him again. Sagar requests Vedika to listen to him when she replies that he would be charged under section 353, Sagar says that he knows it would not be a case against him as he is also aware of it, the crowd is not able to understand what they are talking about, Sagar talks of a case where the judge found out that they were just doing it for harassment, Vedika replies even the supreme court was hearing the verdict, Sagar says he is going to file a case against her, she questions if he will file the case under section 499, Sagar says she should be charged with IPC 352, Vedika replies Sagar would also be charge for slapping the person, Sagar says it is not a crime to save himself, the crowd asks what is IPC, they both reply Indian Penal court, then the crowd start making fun of hem, Sagar says she blamed him while even instigated the crowd to hit him, Vedika replies that even no one has enough time to listen to his foolish talk, she gets a call then replies she is coming in half an hour, Vedika tries to leave but Sagar asks what was she saying, she replies she is busy but they both would continue it later, he does not understand when Vedika replies she has to reach for an interview as she was not born in a wealthy family, Sagar sees Koyal so then runs away.

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Vedika is standing by her scooty when Koyal pats on her back, Vedika asks why did she leave before the Arthi, Koyal says she was followed by a stranger when Vedika asks if Koyal knows there is any cafe here where she can give interview, Koyal says that the scent of fresh tea is like no other, Vedika looks at the balloon then gets lost in her memories, Koyal asks if she has an interview when Vedika replies she loves balloon but Koyal says she loves tea and then asks Vedika to sit on the bench while she will bring tea, Vedika is sending a voice text to her mother explaining she came to the mandir and how her parents would say she can never trust anyone in the world but today she met someone whom she feels she can trust in the world, she ends the voice message saying she has an interview online which she must give in order to get a job. Vedika is worried.

Saraswathi comes out with the Pandit saying she can just pray and perform the Varth which would have remained incomplete if, Sagar says there is no ifs and buts when he says her besties came on the right time and asks if everything went nice, Saraswathi asks where was he, he replies he had a very strange incident, Sagar informs he was driving the car then suddenly a cloth blocked it, he reveals how the lady and her daughter stole his wallet while even tied the lace of his shoes, Saraswathi starts smiling saying the world has a lot of different people, Saraswathi says even she met someone today, thinking how both the girls saved her from falling, she starts telling Sagar about the incident.

Koyal brings the tea for Vedika who is tensed then asks what happened, Vedika replies the interview went nice and she is just praying she gets the job, Koyal says Vedika would surely get the job so then Vedika asks if she is so sure about it.

Sagar says to Saraswathi that this time her prayers wold be accepted, Saraswathi says then when is she going to meet her daughters, Koyal says that Vedika would surely get the job.

The driver is in the police van when the constable says he hit the chairman of the Masala company and is just getting the dates of the court, the driver remembers about how Degvijay promised that he would be free but he did not keep his word, the driver says that he got the verdict on the same day and due to which he has been separated from his family, he exclaims he just needs a meeting with the lady whose family he had ruined all those years ago.

Sagar asks Saraswathi to wait as the driver is not answering his call, Saraswathi praises Sagar as due to him she was able to complete the Varth, Sagar says that he will settle the score after they meet Jhanvi.

Vedika gives the money to the Vendor, Koyal asks why did she give the money so Vedika starts cleaning her nose, Koyal remembers that Jhanvi would do the same and she is worried.

The constable says there is still some time in the court so can they drink tea, he asks the driver to park the car when they stop beside the Mandir then the constable says the driver should pray to Bhagwan for his meeting, the driver thinks he wants to meet the person whom he lied as only then would he feel calm at heart. The driver sees Saraswathi standing outside the Mandir.

Precap: Degvijay says they just have two days when Vedika replies that it is a mistake to bow in front of evil, she entering the Mansion threatens Degvijay to see him in the court, he is stunned.