Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sagar tries to talk with Vedika

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Rageshwari says that the relation of Degvijay and Sagar is not good and it might not be long when it gets even worse, Rageshwari says that Degvijay knows Sagar cannot bear the humiliation of any women but this is what Degvijay did today, the girl left but she is feeling that the girl has left behind a big problem for them as Saraswathi came out so quickly while Sagar went after her so this does not seem right and who is that girl.

Vedika is riding the scooty thinking she is only going to do what is right even when she does not like to scold others, Sagar wonders what is the problem of these girls as he desired to talk to her since his father misbehaved with her but he still is going to do what he feels is right, Vedika rays she meets her friend as then it might cheer her up.

Koyal and Mauri are checking the dresses when the person says she has selected the best dress when Koyal replies that it is about the work, then they ask for the total so the person says that it is just twenty five lacs, then Mauri asks Koyal to transfer the amount for the advance when Mauri gives him two and a half lac, the shop owner says that she transferred some extra amount and then he gives her once lac in cash, while then Koyal asks for the rent of the car, she requests to test drive it and then leavs with Mauri.

Vedika puts the signal to turn right but then turns left while Sagar causes the accident, he is furious at Vedika asks who turns the opposite direction when Vedika asks if he has come to follow her on orders of his father.

Koyal is sitting in the car with Mauri when she says now this car is their own and so suggests they should have some tea, Koyal says that she should go to the Mandir of Ba Kai Bihari jee and it is where she found her, Mauri says she met the one whom she called her mother, Koyal replies that she meant the girl whom she considered her sister after their first meeting.

Vedika keeps arguing with Sagar when he replies he is not stalking her but just wanted to talk to her however she left, she replies she is not eager to talk to him, Sagar keeps trying to explain and even offers money for the taillight but then Vedika angrily breaks the headlight of Sagar’s car, she says that he should keep his money when Sagar replies it does not cost the same as her tail light then Vedika apologizes assuring she will pay him and even has set a reminder, then Sagar thinks how Saraswathi aunt does the same thing.

Koyal is driving when she sees Vedika so steps out of the fancy car to meet her, Koyal introduces her to her mother when Vedika says she has to leave for some work, Koyal offers to drop Vedika when her scooty does not start, Koyal asks Vedika where does she want to go then Vedika says she just needs to make a left, Koyal replies there is a police station in that direction when Vedika replies she has some work, Koyal and Mauri gets worried so then Koyal is driving saying they have a business of events management, Vedika suddenly asks Koyal to stop the car and then she gets some grease on her nose, Vedika helps her remove it apologizing for doing ti saying it is her habit, Vedika starts taking off her ear rings to Koyal who replies why would she give it to a stranger, Vedika agrees saying she felt like doing it and then Koyal says even she feels something is difference to her, Vedika asks Koyal to wear them who agrees, Vedika starts smiling looking at her while Koyal asks how is she looking, Vedika says she is going to leave while it was nice seeing her. Koyal and Mauri leave.

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Saraswathi while sleeping suddenly wakes up after getting a strange feeling so she starts running out of the room towards the main hall, and then runs to open the door only to realize that there is no one at the door when she turns back thinking if there is no one then who is she feeling the presence about, she does not realize that the driver is hiding at the main door and is about to enter but goes back after seeing Sagar, who asks Saraswathi what is she doing here, she replies she felt that someone from her past came to knock but there is no one here, the driver thinks he has waited for this moment for a very long time but is not going to leave, Sagar gets a call which Saraswathi asks him to answer while saying he should go back to his room while she will leave for her room, the driver hides after hearing the foot steps of the workers coming. The driver keeps following Saraswathi.

Vedika while sitting in the police station is discussing the entire situation with the Inspector who is also listening to her.

Saraswathi lies down on her bed trying to sleep, meanwhile the driver locks the door which wakes her up again and he pleads with her to not make a noise and knows it is not right to enter a room, he says he is the same person who ruined her family but he was also not able to live peacefully after it.

Precap: Degvijay is talking with Rageshwari while the security guards are forcefully taking the driver out of the house. Degvijay asks the Inspector what is he doing here, Vedika coming from behind says they have come on her complaint.