Prachand Ashok 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Ashok finds Sushim’s secret

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Scene 1

Kaurwaki gets ready for her wedding, her Chachi tells her to get ready with more gold, she is going to marry a rich prince so she should show off more. Kaurwaki says we don’t have much wealth so we can’t show off. The servant brings gold for her, Kaurwaki says Devi must have sent it so give it back to her. The servant gives her a letter from Sushim which says that they are going to get married and he doesn’t want her to look any less than Devi, he apologizes for his mother insulting her and wants to make her proud so please accept it. Kaurwaki says I can’t accept this. Her Chachi says she shouldn’t insult Sushim like this, you are going to marry him and he is showing his love this way, if he wants her to look pretty then she shouldn’t insult him by not accepting his gifts. Its your duty to do as he says. Kaurwaki looks on.

Ashok is exercising and recalls Bhadrak’s claims that he is going to kill Anandi to take revenge on him. He screams in anger and says why..

Bhadrak jokes with Sushim that he must have sent gold to Kaurwaki which he must have sent to many other girls. Sushim says I don’t even remember how many girls wore those and most of them must be dead by now. Bhadrak says I am jealous, you are rich and have so many girls around you. Nobody even questions you. A servant brings alcohol for them. Sushim says to Bhadrak that girls are part of his life and he doesn’t care about them, he just uses them. I am going to marry your sister but you are going to enjoy his half-sister Anandi tonight. Bhadrak says sure. Sushim says I hate Ashok and don’t care about his sister, I have got a chance to win over Ashok tonight, I want you to enjoy Anandi tonight. Bhadrak says thank you for getting Anandi kidnapped for me. The servant there is Ashok in disguise, he hears them and is angry. Bhadrak tells Sushim that he hates Kaurwaki so he can do anything with her. Sushim thanks him.

Ashok tells Hemant how Sushim helped Bhadrak in kidnapping Anandi, Hemant says what will we do? your wedding starts in an hour. Ashok says I have to find Anandi. Hemant says if you don’t go to your wedding then it will be an insult to guests and Devi would be so hurt, we need Devi on our side. She has everything that we need, she is rich and powerful. You can go and marry Devi while I will go and look for Anandi. Ashok says stop it, my sister is in trouble and you want me to forget about her? I don’t know where to look for her but I have to find her. Where can she be? He sees a mouse and gets an idea. He recalls Chanakya’s words that small hints can lead to big secrets if he has the skills to capture them through the right people, the right people are not princes but normal people. He tells him that the servants in the palaces are like mice who know about every secret.

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Ashok comes to a woman servant and tries asking about Sushim, he says I know Sushim harasses all the women servants. The servant says I can’t confirm that. Ashok says I promise I will get justice for all servants which Sushim has hurt, I know he is an animal and if she helps him then she can get justice for servants. The servant Roopa gets scared and says princes’ secrets are always hidden with them, she runs from there.

Scene 2

Anandi is locked in a basement and is crying for help. Bhadrak comes there and says we are going to have a marriage night without marrying you. Anandi cries for help but he grabs her.

Ashok tells Hemant that he has to find Anandi as he has only 1 hour left. Dharma comes there and says I can’t find Anandi anywhere, do you know where she is? I feel restless. Ashok says if I tell you then you won’t trust me. Hemant says no.. Ashok says Anandi went with her friends. Dharma says what about the rituals she has to do in your wedding? Ashok says she promised so she will come for sure. Dharma says you promised her so she will come for sure, go and get ready, she leaves.

Ashok comes to Sushim’s room. Sushim tells him to get lost. Ashok says we are both getting married so I thought to get you ready. Sushim says get lost. Ashok lies on his bed and grabs him. He asks where is my sister? Sushim punches him but Ashok beats him up and says you have to tell me where Anandi is before I kill you. Sushim hits him with a vase and he faints, Sushim tells his soldiers to throw him out.

Kaurwaki tells her servant that she doesn’t know how to feel about this wedding, I am marrying Sushim for Kaling and I just hope after this marriage, Kaling won’t have to bow down to anyone. I don’t know what my future holds.

Ashok gets up and beats up Sushim’s soldiers. He starts looking around Sushim’s room and says Roopa said the prince has their secrets with them. He finds a secret door to the basement under his bed. He goes inside. Bhadrak grabs Anandi and throws her on the bed. Anandi cries for help. Ashok comes there and shouts at Bhadrak.

The episode ends.