Prachand Ashok 28th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Kaurwaki agrees to marry Sushim

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Scene 1

Sushim tells Kaurwaki that he has a marriage proposal for her, her honor was hurt because of his brother so he wants to make things right for her. Chacha says it must be your plot to get control of Kaling. Bhadrak says Sushim isn’t wrong, he has good intentions. Kaurwaki says I am with Chacha, it might be their plot to control Kaling, I am not ready to marry him, she leaves. Chacha tells Bhadrak that she won’t agree. Bhadrak says I trust my friend Sushim.

Sushim comes to Kaurwaki and says I would be lucky to have you as my wife, I promise to never plot anything against Kaling if you marry me. Your brother can take Kaling’s throne. Kaurwaki says my brother is very young so he can’t take Kaling’s throne for now. Sushim says that’s okay, we will raise him and when he is of age then he can take Kaling’s throne. I will respect you as my wife and Magadh’s queen. Chacha and Chachi come there, Chachi says Chaitraj rejected you and no one would accept you after all the insults, I think you should marry Sushim. Sushim says don’t pressurize her, she has all the right to make her own decisions.

Helena tells Sushim that he has made her proud today. She tells Bindusar that Sushim offered to marry Kaurwaki to get her honour back. Bindusar says I am proud to call him my son, he won over our enemies by offering to marry her. Sushim says I was ashamed to see Kaurwaki’s honour getting tarnished so I offered to marry her and our animosity with them will end. Dayana says Sushim is so smart, you can get any queen but you chose a girl that’s good for our state. You are unlike Ashok who is marrying Devi for money only. Bindusar says we will get Sushim and Kaurwaki married. Sushim says I don’t want a big wedding, you can get me married in Ashok’s mandap only. Bindusar says that’s great.

Hemant comes to Ashok and asks what is he looking for? Ashok says I am checking if Kaurwaki has left yet or not. Hemant says you hate her then why are you worried if she left or not? Ashok says you are right. I shouldn’t care.

Dharma comes to the mandir and gets sacred mud for Devi. Anandi is with her but someone kidnaps her without Dharma noticing it.

Ashok and Devi make mud pots, Devi smiles at him. The servant announces that Bindusar is arriving there. Dharma says I heard he won’t take part in Ashok’s wedding? Sushim comes there and says he is here to bless me. Bindusar comes there and sits behind the curtain. Kaurwaki arrives there with others. Bindusar says its a big day for us. Magadh and Kaling will be friends because Sushim and Kaurwaki will get married. Ashok is shocked to hear that. Bindusar invites everyone to their wedding and leaves. Sushim tells Ashok that even Kaurwaki couldn’t say no to him, I have won over our biggest enemy so Father is impressed by me, you won’t get anything now. Ashok angrily leaves.

Scene 2

Bhadrak comes to Ashok and says we are going to be relatives now, you should worry about your sister Anandi, he leaves from there. Dharma comes there so Ashok asks about Anandi, Dharma says she left from mandir so I don’t know. He says okay.

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Devi’s father tells her that her friend Kaurwaki is smart, she changed her sides so fast and accepted Sushim for wealth. Devi says if that was the case then she would have looted me for years, I offered her many gifts throughout the years of friendship but she never accepted anything from me. She is selfless and I am sure she is marrying Sushim for her state. her father says Kaurwaki has trashed your husband and you are still taking her side? Devi says Kaurwaki did everything because she wanted to save me from Ashok, she doesn’t know his good side and her intentions were right for me.

Ashok is looking around for Anandi, Hemant comes there and says Anandi is nowhere to be found. Ashok says Bhadrak must be behind this, we can’t tell anyone, I don’t trust anyone here. I will go and look for her.

Devi brings a chest of gold for Dayana and Helena. as gifts Kaurwaki brings a platter of gold for them as a gift. Dayana says Devi brought so much gold for us and you just brought this platter? are you even a princess? Kaurwaki says we don’t have unlimited gold. Devi says she has more gifts to offer. She brings more gold for them and says this is from Kaurwaki’s side. Dayana says you have a big heart so splurge on your friend’s wedding. Devi says my father is rich and Kaurwaki is my family so don’t worry. She takes Kaurwaki from there. Devi tells Kaurwaki that you were against Ashok but now we are going to be sister-in-laws. They both leave from there. Dayana says their friendship is strong. Helena says its not difficult to make them enemies of each other.

Ashok is looking around for Anandi and starts throwing things around. Kaurwaki comes there and shouts he is destroying things again, you are destroying Devi’s life already. Ashok says enough.. I am marrying Devi after winning her over, unlike you who keeps changing her groom, she might even change her groom in the mandap. Kaurwaki is hurt hearing that, Ashok leaves from there.

Hemant tells Ashok that Anandi is nowhere to be seen. Dharma comes there and asks Ashok to get ready for his wedding. He asks about Anandi, Dharma says she must be with her friends so don’t worry.

Ashok comes to Bhadrak and asks about Anandi. Bhadrak says your sister got r*ped and she will be destroyed by tonight, you won’t find her. Ashok punches him and says I will kill you, tell me where my sister is? Bhadrak says I have no army to kidnap your sister in your own city. Ashok says tell me where she is. Bhadrak says nobody will believe you when you tell them that kidnapped Anandi. Ashok says you will die today. He is about to throw a stone at him but Bhadrak says if you kill me then Anandi will be killed right away, you insulted me by winning Devi so this is my revenge, you have 2 hours for your wedding and to save your sister, go and find her if you can. Ashok fumes in anger.

The episode ends.