Prachand Ashok 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Kaurwaki silently saves Ashok’s life

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Scene 1

Ashok is looking for Pawan and finds him, he asks if he is planning for something? Pawan says my time here has ended so I am leaving. Ashok says we are friends so we fight, I know I got angry at you but please forgive me now. Pawan says its too late now. He fires up the herb and locks Ashok in the room. Ashok says please open the door, Pawan says you won’t see me again, he leaves from there. Ashok finds the herb burning and looks on.

Pawan comes to Anandi and asks if she coming with him? She says I need to talk to Ashok first, its his throne ceremony today. Pawan says come with me but Anandi runs away.

Kaurwaki is looking around for Ashok when Anandi comes there and says Pawan was forcing me to leave with him but I attacked him and left. He mentioned something about destruction. Kaurwaki says you go and be with Pawan, he might be in danger too and don’t worry about Ashok, I will make sure he is safe.

In the palace lounge, all are waiting for Ashok to start the ceremony. Sushim tells Helena that this will be the last day of Ashok. Devi goes to check on Ashok.

Kaurwaki finds Ashok unconscious in a room filled with smoke. She brings him out and says how can you lose like this? you are so strong so wake up. You have to wake up for me, I am your wife so listen to me. She gives him CPR and asks him to wake up. Ashok starts waking up and sees Kaurwaki. She starts feeling dizzy and thinks I gave him CPR so its affecting me now. Ashok wakes up and drinks the medicine that Chanakya gave her. Kaurwaki says you are an animal, you couldn’t die even after I gave you poison. Ashok says what? Kaurwaki says I tried killing you because I didn’t want people to have a king like you. Devi comes there and asks what’s going on? Ashok says I am excited to get the throne now. Devi asks if Kaurwaki did something? Ashok says we will deal with her later on, let’s go my wife. He goes with her. Anandi and Pawan come there. Pawan asks why did she lie to him? Kaurwaki says Ashok has never got love from anyone but you are his only friend and he trusts you so I didn’t want him to lose his friend otherwise he would have felt failure in life. Pawan says I did a huge mistake. Kaurwaki says you have to rectify it and I have to make everything fine for Ashok, she leaves.

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Scene 2

In the palace lounge, Ashok arrives there with Devi. Sushim is angry seeing him and tells Helena how he could be saved again? Helena tells him to calm down, we can’t stop this ceremony now. Ashok goes to the throne with Devi. He does the rituals and wears all the jewelry of a king. He sits on the throne. Helena brings his turban and makes him wear it. All chant for Ashok as a king. Kaurwaki comes there too. Helena offers him the king’s sword and he takes it. Sushim is angry seeing all that. Ashok glares at Kaurwaki recalling she tried to poison him. Helena congratulates him and says soon he is going to be the final king after Bindusar as he is a temporary king right now. She says the ritual is that king’s wife gives out an order on this day so what’s her order? Devi says my order is that Kaurwaki will be my servant for life from now on. Dharma tries to stop her but Ashok says Devi is my queen and I think her order is nice, she has made me proud. Kaurwaki bows down to Devi and Ashok silently. Chanakya arrives there and says Bindusar wants to see him. He says I knew it would happen, he would want to see the new king. Chanakya says no, a father wants to see his son. Ashok asks what does he mean? Chanakya says he wants to see your face today. All are shocked hearing that. Ashok is surprised and asks really? Chanakya nods so Ashok runs to Bindusar’s room. Kaurwaki smiles seeing that.

The episode ends.