Prachand Ashok 26th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Dharma & Bindusar trust Kaurwaki over Ashok

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Scene 1

Ashok shouts at Bindusar in front of all that he has to face him today, Hemant tries to stop him but Ashok pushes him away and takes off the curtain between them but Bindusar has already left. Dharma tells Ashok to not be crazy, we can’t force him to respect and love us. Ashok says he can’t take it away from us after announcing it. I have seen you die so many times because of him. Dharma says he must have a reason behind this. Ashok says I want to hear the reason then, I won’t be silent this time, he angrily leaves. Kaurwaki feels bad.

Ashok comes outside Bindusar’s room and shouts to not hide from me now, you have to answer me. Bindusar says you should be hiding after what you did with a woman. Ashok says you should be ashamed for not fulfilling your promise. Bindusar says you promised a servant your love and got her pregnant, then you got her killed. Ashok says you are lying. Bindusar says so Kaurwaki is lying? I would trust her over your words, I can never trust you because you are an evil Ashok, you took away my peace, you are a curse for our nation, you have just given us pain, I wish you were never born, I wish you had died. Ashok says you are lying. Bindusar says its the truth and your mother Dharma is part of this sin too. Ashok says he is lying. Dharma slaps Ashok and says you have killed me alive. I was happy in my small world but you promised me these luxuries and honour, you got me insulted in a full hall, you metaphorically got r*ped in front of all. Ashok says you don’t trust me? Dharma says no.. I am happy that your siblings are away from you, you are a curse.. why didn’t you die when you were born? you have taken away everything from me. She falls down and cries. Ashok angrily leaves.

Ashok is angry and breaks pillars using a heavy ball. He recalls Bindusar’s harsh words that he is a curse on them. He screams in anger.

Devi asks Kaurwaki what did she tell Bindusar? Kaurwaki says the truth. Devi says the same truth that you were telling me about Ashok? you did all this to save me from Ashok. Devi’s father comes there and says I am worried, I don’t think Bindusar will welcome you as his daughter-in-law, he doesn’t have any respect for Ashok and won’t make him a prince ever. Devi says when I chose Ashok, I didn’t choose him because he was a prince, I chose him then and I choose him now. She leaves.

Kaurwaki finds Ashok sitting a black room and crying. She finds Dharma leaving the palace under a heavy rainstorm. She says Helena told me that if I expose Ashok then Devi won’t marry him but she still wants to marry him and I have hurt a mother, she cried so much because of me.

The dancer comes to Ashok and tries to flirt with him. Ashok grabs her and finds a butterfly tattoo on her hand. He says I recognized you when I saw you, you are someone’s spy, who sent you? the dancer pushes him and tries to run away. Ashok catches her but the dancer kills herself by stabbing. Ashok is shocked. Ashok asks who sent her? The dancer says your father Bindusar sent me, he hates you and your mother. He arranged this wedding so he could get you killed.

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Helena tells Sushim that she sent that dancer behind Ashok to kill herself. I gave her snake poison so she would be controlled by me. I knew Ashok won’t be trapped by her so I made her kill herself and kill Ashok from inside. Dayana says Ashok is still alive, Helena says he is dead from inside. His parents won’t see his face ever, he will think that his father hates him so much that he wants him dead.

Ashok sees the dancer dying and recalls Bindusar’s hate for him.

Sushim tells Helena that we have taken away everything from Ashok, he lost his mother too. Helena says its good that we found Kaurwaki just in time. She was a weapon that tore Ashok away.

Kaurwaki is leaving and bumps into Ashok, she says I am sorry, I just wanted to save Devi from you. I didn’t want to hurt your mother. Ashok angrily leaves. Chaitraj sees them and says what are they doing together?

Chaitraj comes to Ashok and asks what was he doing with his future wife? Ashok says girls like young guys like him and not oldies like Chaitraj.

Chaitraj comes to Kaurwaki and says you agreed to marry me but you don’t look happy? Kaurwaki says you should leave my room, its night time. Chaitraj says you go and talk to other guys at night time but you can’t spend time with me? Lets spend the night together. Kaurwaki slaps him and says don’t come close. She takes a knife and says I agreed to marry you because of my state and my father but if you don’t leave then I won’t spare you.

Subhandhu tells Bindusar that the guests are asking if you will take part in the wedding now? Bindusar says the wedding will continue as it was planned. We promised Devi’s father a grand wedding so they will see a grand wedding. Subhandhu says okay.

Kaurwaki is sitting alone, her friend tells her that she shouldn’t marry Chaitraj. Kaurwaki says I have to marry him. The servant comes there and says Chaitraj has called you in the hall. Kaurwaki says I won’t be silent today, I will expose him that he tried to molest me yesterday, if I stay silent then Chaitraj would take advantage of many women later on.

PRECAP – Dharma tells Ashok that he should have shame after he was blamed for getting a servant pregnant and then killing her but you are celebrating your wedding? Otherside, in the hall, Chaitraj tells everyone that he caught Kaurwaki out at night with Ashok, they were flirting and when I questioned him so Ashok said that I am an oldie so useless for her and I might marry her but he will have a wedding night with her. Kaurwaki is shocked hearing that.