Prachand Ashok 23rd February 2024 Written Episode Update

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Prachand Ashok 23rd February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Helena gets to know that Ashok got a servant pregnant from Kaling and then got her killed. Dayana says they aren’t sure it was Ashok. Helena says if he was then we have to utilize it and make this the truth only.

Dharma gets ready. Ashok comes there and says she looks nice. Dharma says I got all this back because of you, I got my husband back. Ashok makes her wear a crown and says you are a queen.

Bindusar tells Subhandhu that he never saw Ashok’s face as the prediction was I will die as soon as I see his face but maybe this curtain between us is making me blind. I am staying away from Ashok but when I am close to him then I feel peace. He is Dharma and my son.. I love Dharma more than anyone and Ashok is the only son I couldn’t give my love to. Subhandhu says you have to go for pooja now, Bindusar says I am going to see Ashok’s face today, I don’t care about predictions anymore.

Devi and Kaurwaki come to the palace hall. Ashok glares at Kaurwaki. He praises Devi and says she is looking like a moon. Chaitraj hints at Kaurwaki so she goes to stand with him.

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