Parineeti 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti plans to kill Pari

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Scene 1
Sukwinder says to Neeti are you out of your mind? You called goons to kill Pari? If anyone finds out everything will be over. Don’t do this mistake. Neeti says I’ve no other option. Pari has to pay for it. Sukwinder says killing her isn’t okay. Neeti says I’ve to get what’s mine. Sukwinder says you can go to jail. Salojna says can’t you see her pain? I’ve seen her cry and in pain. She’s doing the right thing. Sukwinder says you’re provoking my dadughter. Neeti says don’t judge her. She’s done everything for me. Once Pari dies everything will be okay. Sukwinder says this is wrong. Sanju looks at Pari. He says amit, Pari will become a good mother. She mingles so well with the kids. She looks so happy. I hope she stays happy like this.

The goons plan to set the house on fire. They say we should set up the crackers on fire. Amit says to Sanju Chandrika is jealous. She saw me with another girl. It was just work. Sanju says she just loves you. She’s possessive. Never share your problems with aother girl. Never eat food made by another girl. Never tell that girl what your problem is. It will create yourr bond with that third person. Amit says you did all these things with Pari? So this created a bond with her? But Neeti is your wife, you love her. Think about it. Pari comes to Sanju. She asks is your anger better? You said it would be better. He smiles and says I am okay. Neeti sees them together. She comes there and takes Sanju from there. Sanju says where are you taking me? She says it’s loud here. He says your heart is loud. Neeti says your behavior is bothering me. He says what have I done? She says look at how you’re talking. Sanju says do you see how oyu talk to me? I got a diwali dress for you, you didn’t even wear it. It’s okay. You have changed, not me. Do you want to push me away? Don’t worry that would happen one day since you want that. Everything has changed. Neeti says looks like Pari is calling you. He says you’re trying to change your doubts in truth. She says you have no time since you’re all busy with Pari. Sanju says I will tear my heart and show you how much I love you. But I care for Pari as well. Neeti says you can’t be in two boats. Choose one thing, my love or Pari’s care. Sanju says I kept asking Tai ji if she loved me more me and Amit. She could never answer. You’re both important for me. I won’t let you get hurt because of Pari and not her because of you. I can’t choose one of you. Neeti says I wish I asked this answer one year ago. sanju says I would have chosen you. But times changed. I hadn’t seen the good in Pari. You always wanted to listen to the truth, this is the truth.

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Scene 2
Sukwinder thinsk about Neeti. She’s worried. Gurinder asks what happened? Sukwinder says Neeti is really worried. She keeps thinking about Pari. I asked her not to. She’s very mad. I am scared she might do something wrong. Gurinder says she’s very wise. Things aren’t good but she will fix everything. Sanju and Neeti love each other a lot. Sanju comes there. He says please talk to Neeti and make her understand that I only love Neeti. Why can’t se get it? Please talk to her. Neeti comes there. She says he said he can’t choose between me and PAri. We’re both the same? They ask her to calm down. Neeti says Sanju keeps talking about Pari. Pari keeps attracting him. He’s not the same sanju. I won’t trust Pari anymore. Everything is fair in love and war. Sukwidner gets scared.

The goons try to set the fire. The panel falls. pari holds it, she saves him. She asks are you okay? Parmi say you’re pregnant. How can you pick it. Pari says it was gonna fall on that man. I had to save him. Everyone is fine. The goon feels guilty. Gurinder says she does this for attention. Sanju asks is Pari okay? He goes after her. The goon comes to Neet and tells her something. Pami see her with the goon. She wonders who is he?Neeti says are you crazy? Everything is set. I want my work done. He says but that girl saved my life. How can I kill her. She’s pregnant. I can’t kill her. I can’t do this sin. Pami comes there. Neeti says I wont pay you if you don’t do my work. Pami asks what money? The guy says I broke two glasses. She said she will cut money. Salojna says Neeti don’t do that. Neeti leaves in anger. Pami feels suspicious. Neeti tells salojna he doesn’t want to kill Pari now.

Episode ends

Precap-The house is on fire. Pari screams for help but Neeti doesn’t help her. Sanju rushes in to save Pari.