Parineeti 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Neeti says if she’s so innoncet how did she agree to marry Sanju? She charges at Pari. Sanju stops her and stands in front of Pari. pami says stop it. It as Sanju’s decision not Pari’s. His decision is right. You both are separated. what’s wrong with marrying Pari now? Sanju made many mistakes. He’s making the right decision now. He’s not betraying anyone. We’re all with him. Salojna says stop this drama. Neeti says you’re also part of the wedding? Salojna says i live in this house. She asks Pami to take Pari for mehndi. Neeti is shocked.

Neeeti says Pari will marry Sanju? salojna says calm down. if you say anything you will become worse. Neeti says you wnt me to stay here and see Pari putting on sanju’s  mehndi. Amit calls Monty. He says why are you not coming? Monty says I am coming. Amit says to Chandrika why are you worried? She says Neeti is here like she won’t let this wedding happen. amit says no one can stop this wedding now. chandrika says Pari has suffered a lot.

Pari says to Pami I feel bad for Neeti. Pami says this is God’s will. Sanju is written in your desintey. What’s yours came to you. Neeti says the one I considered sister did this to me. She has taken my happiness. She’s taken everything from me. Women guests come. Pari’s mehndi starts. Pami says to Gurinder we’ve to start mehdni. She says did you ask for my son’s wedding before me? Pami says Neeti and Sanjua re divorced. Sanju had to marry Pari. There are many guests here.

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Neeti says I did so much for Sanju. I left my dad’s dream, my dream to marry him and he left me. He forgot our love. Salojna says it’s all Pari’s fault. She’s trapped Sanju. She stayed here because she was making a way to kick you out. She wanted to take your place. You left your place so she took the opportunity.

Scene 2
The mehndi starts. Gurinder leaves in anger. Pami gives Pari blessings. She hugs her. NEeti looks at her in anger. Pari says Neeti I know how hurt you are. I would have been happiest if this didn’t happen. I would do anything to unite you two.

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