Parineeti 2nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Bebe tries to kill Gurpreet

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Scene 1
Pari starts beating the goons and save Sanju. They both run from there. A goon throws a stone at Pari but Sanju protects her. He runs out of the godown with her. Pari is getting dizzy so he picks her up and hides from the goons. He asks Pari to open her eyes. Shanku and the goons are looking for them. Neeti comes there and Sanju is shocked seeing her. Neeti is glaring at Shanku. Sanju tries to call her but she doesn’t listen. He calls her but she cuts it. Neeti is arguing with Shanku. Sanju looks on.

Gurvindar comes to Gurpreet and apologizes to her for being brutal. Gurpreet asks for Pari. Bubbly says she is coming. Gurpreet says someone was trying to kill Pari and I know who that is. Bebe comes there and is shocked.

Shanku tells Neeti that Sanju saved Pari but we won’t spare her. Neeti says nothing should happen to Sanju. She goes behind them. Sanju says someone was trying to kill Pari, what it was Neeti..

Gurpreet tells Pami and Gurvindar that she knows who was trying to kill Pari. She glares at Bebe and starts panicking. Pami asks her to calm down. Gurpreet tries to hint at Bebe but she moves away and screams to call the doctor. Bubbly and Cheandrika rush to call the doctor. Bebe says we should go and look for the doctor too. She takes everyone from there. Gurpreet faints.

Neeti comes to Shanku and says I don’t trust you anymore, I want my work done. Shanku says your husband keeps saving her, you should control him. Neeti slaps him. He says I am leaving this because I know you are distressed but if you don’t trust me then fine, I don’t guarantee about Sanju.

Sanju brings Pari to the hospital and she gets treated. Neeti calls Sanju. He recalls seeing her with Shanku. Pari asks what happened? Sanju says I want to tell you something, I will come. He leaves.

Scene 2
Bebe comes to Gurpreet and says I am your elder so you shouldn’t go against me. I have provoked Neeti against Pari and you can’t save Pari from me. I will not spare her and I have a right to torture her. I didn’t want to hur you but you forced me so you have to die. If Shanku can’t kill you then I will. She takes off her oxygen mask and says you shouldn’t have crossed my path but I have to kill you now. Gurpreet is huffing for the oxygen. Bebe says you have to die. Pari comes there and asks what happened? Bebe says she took off her oxygen mask so I was trying to save her. The doctor comes there and asks them all to leave.

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Sanju recalls Neeti being angry and frustrating then how he saw her talking with Shanku. Neeti comes there and asks if he is okay? I was looking for you but you just don’t care. Sanju says I don’t know what to say. Neeti says you are my life so you shouldn’t put your life in danger. I want you in my life, you are my everything so please take care of your life. Sanju says why did you do that? Neeti says it was not intentional. Sanju says you love me then how can you do that? how can you do that with Pari? Bubbly comes there and says Gurpreet is in critical condition. They all run to see her.

Pami gets Daljeet’s call and cuts it. Pami says I hope Gurpreet becomes fine soon. Bebe is scared if Gurpreet is saved. Pari is crying. Bubbly comes there and hugs her. Pari says nothing will happen to her, she will be fine, right Neeti? Neeti looks on. Pari says just say that she will be fine, please say it, I am very scared, please say it, she hugs her and cries. Neeti doesn’t hug her and sees Gurpreet struggling for life. Neeti hugs Pari finally. Pari says please say she will be fine. Bebe thinks she should leave before she gets exposed. The doctor comes out and says the patient is in coma.

The episode ends.