Parineeti 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti decides to leave the house

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Scene 1
Sukwinder says you broke Neeti’s heart and trust. You’re trying to steal her husband. You are fasting right? Salojna says why don’t you leave this house? That’s better for you and this family. You say you love Neeti right? If you do, please go from here. Sukwinder says you decieted her. Salojna says nothing will clarify that. Sukwinder says pack your bags once. Don’t come back with an excuse of getting stuff. Pari leaves in tears. She recalls everything. Pari packs her bag. Pami sees her. she asks where are you going? Leaving the house? PAri says I don’t wanna hurt anyone staying here. My presence here hurts Pari. You know you’re like my mom. Pami says Gupreet isn’t okay. She’s in coma. i wont’ let you go anywhere. You are my daughter and my responsibility. When Gurpreet is better I will give her to you. At least I will be at peace. She says do you consider me your mom or not? Pari hugs her and cries. She takes her upstairs.

Sukwinder says to gurinder you consider Neeti your DIL then why is Pari still in this house? Its your duty as an MIL to kick her out. You didn’t do that. But i did that. Chandrika says what are you saying? Neeti says you can’t understand that. Sukwinder says I asked her to leave this house. Pami says and I asked her to stay. She’s my daughter. I can’t let anyone to go from here. She was leaving. No one can ask her to go from my home.

The moon comes out. All wives do their husband’s arti. Neeti does Sanju’s arti. Pari looks at them. Pari sees Sanju’s face in the water and does arti with it. PAri falls from the terrace. Everyone is shocked. They all run downstairs. Sanju rushes downstairs. He makes her drink water. Pammi is happy that Sanju broke her fast. Pami says thank God her fast complete. Pami recall Pari was worried about her fast. She hide the food. Pami told her I knew you’re fasting. pari said no. She said don’t lie to me. Pari said don’t tell anyone please. It will hurt Neetii but I couldn’t stop myself. He’s still my husband. It was my duty. Pami says I feel so helpless. Pari said don’t tell anyone. Pami asks how did you fall? She says I fainted but I am fine now. Sanju picks her up. Pami says stay blessed. Pari says sorry. Pami says it’s okay. She says let’s go break our fasts. They go and continue with the arti and pooja. Sanju breaks Neeti’s fast.

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Scene 2
The guests leave. Salojna says it went well. I love this ritual. Neeti says are there any rituals left? Pami says no. Neeti says I am glad you’re here mummyji. You’re my MIL, you’re like my mom. But you were not in my wedding with Sanju. Only my mom was there. I am very hurt with all of you. I know talking about old things won’t work. we all know Pari was gonna leave with her mom but then mummy ji got attacked and she went in coma and Pari stayed here. I know you all love pari a lot. I thought so much has happened so she will leave this house herself but she didn’t do that. when my mom asked her to leave, Tai ji stopped her saying her mom is in coma. My mom isn’t in coma. She’s right here. So I’ve made a decision, I am leaving this house with my mom. Everyone is shocked. Neeti says mummy do you have a problem? She says I am always with you. Pari says what are you saying. You won’t go anywhere. Neeti says you shut. It’s been 24 hours, I thought you’d leave this hosue but you didn’t. No one asked you to leave. Pami says listen.. Neeti says enough. pari and I can’t live under the same roof at any cost.

Precap-Sukwinder says Neeti isn’t wrong. I can’t ask her to share her husband with Pari. Sanju says you wont’ go anywhere. I will go.