Parineeti 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju runs from the detention

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Scene 1
Neeti says I will bring Pari to mandap. She goes to Pari and asks is everything okay? Pari says I feel confused. Something doesn’t feel right. I don’t know how to feel. Neeti says let’s go get ready. Pari hugs her and cries. Neeti says it’s okay. All girls are nervous. i was feeling the same at the wedding. Pari says I feel like you’re distant from me. Neeti says I am right here. Let’s gget ready. Neeti helps Pari get ready.

The goons fight with each other. sanju runs. The goons call Jai and tell him Sanju ran away. Alavat comes to Rakesh and says have you created a new problem now? Don’t mess anything now. Keep your temper in control. Rakesh says everything will be fine. Rakesh’s mom says let’s go.

Scene 2
The wedding starts. Rakesh says finally Pari and i are going to get married. Thank you everyone. I am sorry for not behaving well. I wanna make some promises to Pari. Rakesh says I promise her that I will always keep her happy. Never let her cry. I will never repeat my mistakes. I promise her I will always be there for her. And I expect the same from her.

Sanju runs in the jungle. The goons run after him. Sanju hides. The wedding starts. Rakesh’s mom ties their knot. Sanju falls. His leg gets hurt. Neeti says this knot can’t be tied. Evero=one is shocked. Chandrika says Neeti will fix everything. Neeti says I will tie their knot. Everyone is shocked. Neeti ties their knot. Pari gets teary. She says to Neeti please stay here. I feel very weak without you. Neeti says I am here.

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Scene 3
Jai comes to the jungle as well. Sanju plucks some poisonout leaves. He leaves them on the way. Salojna says finally this wedding is happening. Jai calls Rakesh and says sanju has spread poisonous leaves everywhere in the jungle. Rakesh says give it back to him. Kill him.

Episode ends

Precap-Sanju tries to get back home. Rakesh is about to fill Pari’s hairline.