Parineeti 21st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari saves Pami from Daljeet

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Scene 1
Pari receives a parcel and the postman says its your medical reports.

Daljeet asks Pami to sign the papers for the mandir he is making in her father’s name. Pami says give it to me, She is about to sign the papers, Daljeet says you are reading, don’t you trust me? She says I do. She tries to sign but the pen is not working so she goes to get it. The lawyer arrives there but Daljeet takes him aside and attacks him, the lawyer faints so he takes his pen and hides behind the table. He brings the pen to Pami. She starts signing the papers. He thinks now I will get everything. He takes the papers and says I will celebrate now.

Daljeet dances in the party, he pulls Neeti and dances with her. All look on. He grabs Pari and dances with her too. Sanju pushes him away. Pami slaps Daljeet.

The nurse comes to the doctor and is huffing. The doctor asks what happened? The nurse says someone attacked Gurpreet, I tried to save her but they attacked me. The doctor says you did good, I will inform the police. She calls the police.

Daljeet glares at Pami while all look on. He says you slapped me? She says so what? you were misbehaving so I had to punish you. Daljeet says I was dancing but if Sanju dances then its okay? he should be slapped first. Tayaji says its okay to dance but you should be in limits like Sanju. Daljeet says Sanju will teach me limits now? Pami says Pari and Neeti didn’t want to dance with you so why were you forcing them? Daljeet says you think I am stupid. Gurvindar says don’t talk to your mom like that. Daljeet says only you can understand my pain, injustice happened with you too in this house. Pami says don’t say all that, its giving me pain. Daljeet says what about me? you care about this Sanju more than your son. Tayaji asks him to get lost. Pami asks him to calm down and asks Daljeet to go to his room. Daljeet says I have no room in this house, this Sanju is hogging every space here. Tayaji says get lost from my house. Daljeet laughs and says this is my house now, you people can leave if you want. He shows the papers and says Pami signed these, these papers say that I own the house and everything. Pami tries to take the papers but he pushes her away. Pari says she is your mother, don’t misbehave. Daljeet says don’t give me lecture, I own this house now. Pari shows the papers and says these are real property papers and Pami didn’t sign those. Daljeet checks his papers and they are Pari’s report papers. He is shocked. He says how is it possible? Pari says you want to know? The postman brought the papers and I saw you with a file, I checked and they were property papers. I took those and put my report there. I saw the lawyer unconscious in a corner so I woke him up. He told me about the property papers you got from him. I was sure Pami won’t check the papers because she trusts Daljeet. She would happily give the property to you but you were deceiving everyone. The flashback ends. The lawyer comes there and says Pari saved you all, this Daljeet would have brought you on the road, he fooled me and I made the papers for him but then I started doubting him. I came here but he attacked me, Pari woke me up. This Daljeet is an evil person, he leaves. Pami is crying. Daljeet shouts you all should be happy, I fooled tht lawyer so call me smart now. Pami cries and says a mother’s heart is broken. Sanju says he doesn’t deserve your tears. Tayaji asks him to leave his house. Pami says no.. he will stay with his mother. She thinks I am responsible for Daljeet’s acts.

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The episode ends.