Parineeti 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari comes back home

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Scene 1
Pari cries. Neeti says I forgot my phone in the hospital. Pami says to Pari be strong. SHe will get better. God will heal her. Pari cries. Pami says let’s go home. They take her to the car. The nurse tries to get up. She recalls she was given the injection. She says they attacked Gurpreet. The nurse faints. Neeti holds her. The nurse recalls. She says Pari a woman attacked your mom. She was wearing red suit. Neeti realizes its Salojna. The nurse says she’s from your family. She faints. Neeti is shocked.

Everyone comes home. Pami asks sanju to ask the guests to leave. Pari says we can’t do that. I am sorry. Pami says you’re our family. Pari says when we got the call I got so hopeful. We will still celebrate ypur birthday. I am your duaghter right? We’ve to do it. Chandirka says freshen up. We will cut the cake. Pari cries. She says I can’t ruin Tai ji’s birthday. Sanju goes after her. Salojna asks Neeti why are you throwing these tantrum? I’ve given you so many favors. Neeti says I kknow what you’ve done. The nurse told me what you did. Don’t act smart with me. Salojna says if Pari cries, you will be happy. Neeti says stop this rubbish. Pari cries in her room. Sanju comes there. He consoles her. Pari hugs him. Neeti sees them.

Scene 2
Chandrika says to Gurinder has Gurinder come? Give her clothes for the party from my closet. Chandrika says she’s back in coma. Gurinder says why? That’s so bad. Daljit asks Guriider what what happened. Salojna takes Neeti to a side. She says see, now use your brain. Pari is very clever. You saw hhow they were hugging. Neeti says let me break her face. Salojan says that wont’ help. You know how will this fix. Pari says to Sanju thank you. She leaves.

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Pari collides with Daljit. His papers fall. Pari reads them. she’s shocked. Pari gives him his papers. PAri and Babli cry together. Pari tries to console Babli. Babli says please take care of yourself. PAri says Daljit is ploting somethign. I feel like he’s upto something. It’s my duty to protect this family. Babli says we won’t let him do anything wrong. Pari recalls the papers. Salojna looks for Neeti. Gurinder asks Bebe where did you go? You had a heart attack, I called a doctor and you weren’t there. Salojna says I was not feeling well. I went to the garden, then I went to the hospital. Pami says to Neeti I am very happy today, you stood with Pari. Tao ji says we should be there for Pari and her sister in this hard time. Tao ji cheers up Pami. They all dance as a family.. Everyone claps. Pami cuts the cake.

Episode ends