Parineeti 18th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Neeti lies about Shelly trying to advantage of her

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Scene 1

Pami tells Shelly to give some time to Neeti, she will come around, he nods and leaves.

Shelly comes to Sanju and says Neeti seems so happy around you but she doesn’t like me much. Sanju thinks he can’t tell him about their past as its a past now. Sanju tells him to spend more time with Neeti, take her out and spend on her. Shelly says you don’t do what with Pari, you don’t spend like crazy on her but your love is so strong, we know what’s the real meaning of love and I don’t see that with Neeti. She seems so jolly around you. Sanju says she is just my sister-in-law so don’t worry. Shelly thanks him and leaves. Sanju says if Shelly can notice Neeti’s behaviour around me then I have to be careful, she is my past and I don’t want it back.

Neeti looks at Sanju’s photo and says I miss you so much but you keep chanting Pari’s name. I know you do this to make me jealous and soon we will one. Shelly comes there and hears her. Neeti says we used to send lovey voice notes to each other. She plays those and sadly smiles. She turns around to see Shelly there. He snatches her phone and asks who was this? She tries taking it but he says I heard everything, I am sure you are hiding something. Neeti says you said you had nothing to do with my past. Shelly says if its interfering in our present then it matters to me. He plays a voicenote in which Neeti is saying Sanju I miss you so much, come home fast. Shelly is shocked and says I knew it, you love Sanju. He is your sister’s husband but you are so cheap, I will show it to everyone. Neeti thinks they will throw me out of the house if I don’t stop him. Shelly tries leaving but Neeti hits him on the head and he faints. Neeti says nobody can see him here, she sprinkles alcohol on him and says I can say he got drunk. But what will I do when he wakes up? she runs from there. Shelly wakes up and says I will expose Neeti now.

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Scene 2

The family is sitting together, Sanju tells Monty to have some girlfriend. Bebe says girls are still fighting for him so learn something Monty. All look on. Bebe says I was just joking, Neeti doesn’t remember anything so only Pari has a right on Sanju. Pami asks Pari if Shelly said anything to her? Sanju says he talked to me as well, he was worried about Neeti’s feelings. Pami says I just want Neeti to marry him. Sharda comes there. Shelly comes there and is dizzy. Sanju asks what happened? He says I want to tell you all something. Sharda asks if he got drunk? Shelly says no. Neeti comes there, running and is crying. Pari asks what happened? Neeti shows her torn clothes and says Shelly tried to molest me. All are shocked hearing that. Pari consoles her. Neeti says he tried taking advantage of me. Shelly says she is lying. Neeti says he was so drunk and I tried to leave but he grabbed me and tried to force himself on me, I tried to leave but he was so strong. Shelly says she is lying.. Sanju shouts at him to stay away from her. He consoles Neeti and says we are all with you. Shelly thinks she is lying. The flashback shows how Neeti was worried that Shelly would expose her, she went to him and said it was my past. Shelly says your past was Sanju which I can’t ignore, I know you have been lying to me. Neeti gives him water and asks him to relax,  he takes it and gets dizzy. Neeti tears her clothes and screams Shelly Shelly. The flashback ends. Sanju tells Neeti to not be scared. Neeti cries and says look at his hands, there are marks when I was struggling out of his grip. Pari consoles her and says we are all here. Shelly says she is lying. Pari slaps him hard and says don’t you dare say another word, Neeti runs from there. Pari goes behind her. Sanju glares at Shelly.

The episode ends.