Parineeti 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti files for a divorce

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Scene 1

Pami scolds Sanju for blasting on Neeti. He says I got angry but I am sorry.


She asks him to leave so he goes away. Pami tells Gurvindar that we should bring kids on the right path instead of provoking them. Bebe says don’t take out your anger on her. Tayaji tells them to just go home. They all leave. Sukwindar tells Bebe that Neeti shouldn’t have done that and you keep provoking her.

Pari tells Neeti to not leave home. Neeti says let me go. You should be happy that your husband loves you. Pari says he said things in anger. Neeti says you know everything about him. You can even live in my bedroom and even share a bed with my.. your husband. Sanju comes there and says you are crossing a line now. Neeti says you can’t stop me now. Pari says stop fighting please. Neeti says listen to your wife. Sukwindar tells Neeti to stop it and go to her room. Lets talk in the morning. We are all angry right now so lets not talk. Neeti says no. Sukwindar tells Neeti to go away. She angrily leaves. Sukwindar apologies to everyone.

Bebe comes to Neeti and says you did good by not leaving. This is your house and husband. We will throw Pari out soon. Neeti says I always thought Sanju loves me but what he said today has opened my eyes. I have decided I don’t want Sanju anymore. Bebe says what are you saying? Neeti says I have tried a lot to gain him but I don’t want him anymore. He cheated me so I will punish him. I will show him how a wife can punish her husband. Tomorrow will be a big day.

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Scene 2

Sanju is sitting alone. Amit comes there and says I am sorry I can’t help you. Sanju says even I don’t know what to do. Its okay. Amit hugs him.

Pari prays to Lord to make everything fine. I feel like things are not going to go well. Please make everything okay with Neeti. I just want them happy.

In the morning, Sukwindar asks Gurvindar where is everyone? They all come there. Sukwindar goes to get a call. Pari says Pami went to the mandir. Tayaji says I got worried for her. Pami comes back and gives everyone parsad. Tayaji says you shouldn’t have gone today, you are injured. Pami says I went there for Sanju, I prayed for his peace. Sanju asks where is Neeti? Sukwindar says she is not in her home. Sanju says what if she left home? Gurvindar says you got worried for her, we all can see your care for her. Pari smiles. Neeti comes home. Sanju is happy seeing her. Bebe says he was worried about you. Lets forget everything and move on. Neeti says yes, its time to move on so I am going to take divorce from Sanju. All are shocked hearing that. Sanju recalls their moments together is hurt. Sukwindar says what are you saying? Neeti says I have filed for a divorce. I don’t want to live with him anymore. I want a divorce. Sanju can’t believe it. Neeti tells Sukwindar to pack her bags and leaves. All look on.

Neeti comes to her room. Bebe comes there and says I know you are upto something. Are you acting this all out? Neeti says I want Sanju to choose between Pari and I. He will have to choose me if he loves me. Bebe says how? Neeti looks on.

The episode ends