Parineeti 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari asks Sanju to stay away from her

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Scene 1
Pari says don’t take care of me. You’re not a part of my life. Don’t make me used ot you that I can’t live without you. Sanju says who asked you to live without me? Daljit sees them. Chandrika recalls what Chandrika was saying. Chandrika says something is going on. Pari loves Sanjuu a lot. She sacrificed a lot for Neeti. Her mom was doing the right thing and now I will do it for aunty. I will make Pari realize what’s her right. Daljit says so much is going on in this hosue. cccccbhcutrtiteritchdjvrcibidduvrrkkjuhfccfi

Daljit comes to Monty’s room. He says Sanju is married to Neeti but I have seen him with Pari. Monty tells him Sanju was married to Pari first. monty tells him the whole story. Pari says to Rajiv please understand. He says I always do. Pari says it’s better for everyone that I leave. Sanju says please don’t do. Pari says that can’t happen. Pari says I can’t fix it even if I want. Sanju says everyone loves you a lot. Pari says I love everyone as well. But if me being here gives anyone pain, I won’t stay here. Sanju says who are you talking about? Pari says let it be. Pari says you won’t understand. Life can’t be our way always. Please go and sleep. Sanju holds Pari’s hand. Pari says I have one request for you. Would you agree? She says don’t hold my hand. Sanju says I can’t do that. I will never leave you alone. You can say whatever you want. Pari leaves. Neeti collides with Sanju. Sanju says sorry I forgot to tell you I am on terrace Pari. Neeti says my name is Neeti not Pari. She leaves in anger.

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Scene 2
Pari cries in her room. she says I don’t know what’s happening. I can’t stop anything. Babli hugs her and says have faith. Pari says I really like it when Rajiv cares for me. My heart doesn’t want me to stop but then it feels suffocating. She says don’t worry. Babli says it’s bothering you a lot. Pari says it’s Pami’s birthday. I dont’ wnat anyone to be sad.

Neeti comes to her room and cries. She recalls her moments with Sanju. She recalls Sanju with Pari. Neeti says no. How can this happen. This can’t happen, she cries. Sanju comes to the room. Sanju says are you mad at me? She says no. Sanju comes to Neeti. She says you know the reason. He says I am very sorry. She says how many times will you say sorry? Neeti says it happens everyday. I feel like you won’t hurt me next but you never change. Sanju says I know you’re hurt. I shouldn’t have callled you Pari. I know it’s not just that. I know something is bothering you. Please tell me Neeti says you’re asking me? You’re the reason behind my pain. Sanju says let’s sit and talk. She says I want to sleep. Neeti goes to sleep. Sanju tries to convince her. Neeti takes her pillow and leaves the room. Sanju stops her. Neeti says I am doing the right thing. He says I can sleep on the couch, you can sleep on the bed. Sanju sleeps on the couch. Sanju says Neeti please talk to me. She looks away.

Episode ends