Pandya Store 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha makes a plan


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The Episode starts with Amba saying I won’t let anything happen to my children, don’t get scared, I will go and tackle them. Natasha says no, one wrong move can put them in troubles. Amba says I have raised them, don’t teach me. Natasha says they are in trouble. Pranali asks why didn’t you inform the police. Amba says police’s coming can put them in more trouble. Natasha says we have to find a way to save them. She thinks of some plan. She says we have to do something in Pandya family style. Amba asks what. Natasha says Chai, we should serve them tea. Amba says my children are in danger, you want to serve them tea. Natasha says yes, Hetal, just make tea here, I will handle it. She asks Pranali and Dolly to get the workers’ data and call their wives. Amba scolds Natasha. She cries and shouts Amrish. Amrish and everyone hear Amba shouting. Hetal says they will hear it. Natasha says trust me, I will fix everything. Amrish asks how did Amba come here. The worker sends a man to find Amba. Amrish thinks we can’t put Amba in trouble. Amba looks on and cries.

She says how shall I save them. Hetal and Natasha console her. The workers look for Amba. Natasha asks Amba to get silent. The worker burns the papers. He says the site will get burnt if you don’t listen to us. Bhaven argues with Amrish. Amba asks Natasha what will you do. Natasha says I will tell you. Chiku comes home and sees everyone’s pics. He smiles. Suman gives him money. He says if I take the money and run away then what will you do. Suman says no, you saved me at the temple, I trust you like I used to trust my Gautam, my eldest son, even if you run with the money, I won’t regret, go now, give the money there. She shows her family pic and asks him to get the glass repaired. He says give me any other work. Suman says no, there is no other work, go now, Natasha would be worried. Chiku cries and hugs the pic. She asks him to go. He leaves. She says I miss Chiku seeing him. Natasha makes arrangements and starts preparing the tea. She asks Pranali about the medicine to upset stomach. Pranali says yes, its there. Natasha asks her to get it. Amba worries and says what shall I do. Hetal says tea is ready. Pranali gets the medicine. Natasha thanks Pranali and says if I put this medicine in the tea, then what will happen. Pranali says the workers will have upset stomach. Natasha asks will it harm them. Pranali says no. Natasha says then we have to do this, we have no other way. She adds the medicine in the tea. She asks Hetal to filter the tea in the cups. Amba asks what do you want. Natasha says we are not safe here, stay here, we will come. Hetal says we shouldn’t increase the problems. Natasha asks who will help them, come. They meet the workers. Natasha says you have kept our husbands captive, we have made tea for you, we are in your favor, let us go there, we will ask them to listen to you. The worker asks them to go. Natasha and everyone come to the office. Amrish is shocked seeing them. He scolds Hetal. He asks her to leave. Natasha says calm down and think, we came here to help you all, we got hot tea for the workers. Dhawal asks what. Natasha says you are standing since morning. Hetal asks Pranali and Dolly to serve tea to the workers. The workers drink the tea. Amrish says Hetal, how dare you smile and serve them tea, the workers have kept us captive, you don’t need to interfere in this matter, go out and take the other bahus along. Dhawal asks Natasha to leave, they will sort it. Chirag and Pranali ask their wives to go. The worker says just keep these women captive too. Amrish says let them go. Natasha says we can’t help you if you keep us captive, we came here to help you. She says sorry Amrish, I know you can handle your business well, we can win anyone’s heart by doing good. She asks the worker to drink tea. The worker says no. Natasha says we have made ginger tea for you, you have to drink it. Amrish asks is this a way to deal with the workers, tell Natasha about the risk. Dhawal asks Natasha to go away. The workers get an upset stomach. They run out of the office. Everyone smiles.

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Natasha says just look behind. The worker ask what happened, where are you running. All of them run outside. Natasha smiles. Amrish and everyone look on. Amrish says take our mobiles from him. Natasha stops Amrish and says we have to prove that we won’t run away when we had a chance, it will prove we are right. Amrish says its not time to put Pandya logic here, I know how to handle this, I will teach them a lesson. Natasha says I m sure you will handle it, you can’t go out right now.

She asks Hetal to come with her. Hetal says Amrish is saying the truth. Natasha says trust me, I won’t let wrong happen with anyone. The workers’ wives come there. Natasha says don’t worry, nothing happened to your husbands. The women get angry and pick stones. Natasha says its nothing like that, I had mixed stomach upsetting medicine in their tea. The lady goes to hit her. Natasha stops her. Pranali says Natasha, get back, they will break your head. Natasha says hit me, you came to hit me when your husbands got an upset stomach, what about that injured labor, your husbands are demanding 50 lakhs and asking Amrish to resign the position, if that worker dies because of your husbands, then they all will go to jail, Amrish didn’t do anything wrong, nothing will happen to Dhawal and Amrish.

Natasha is shocked seeing the Pandya store model. Dhawal runs to explain her. She scolds and challenges him.