Pandya Store 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal confronts Amrish


Pandya Store 4th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Dhawal laughing. He says you know those kidnappers, it means you have supported Bansi, tell me, you made us sign the papers in a hurry, so that we don’t read it. He cries and says you got us kidnapped so that we don’t stop the Pandya store demolition. Everyone is shocked. Dhawal says wow…. What a master plan. He claps for Amrish. Amrish shouts yes, Dhawal, I got everything done. Dhawal and everyone look on shocked.

Amrish says yes, its my plan, tell me what now. Dhawal sits in shock. Dhawal says you should have lied to me to keep my heart. Dolly takes Bansi with her. Dhawal asks why did you do this. Amba asks Dhawal to think and talk. Bansi leaves. Dhawal argues with Amrish. He says you used me and attacked Natasha, I always believed you and didn’t trust Natasha, if you were always right, then how can Natasha become right today. Amba gets angry. Amrish says ask yourself, how is Natasha right and how am I wrong, what did I hide, you knew it, this marriage happened for Pandya store. Isha is shocked.

Amrish says tell me what didn’t you know. Dhawal says I m thankful that I got married to Natasha because of you, but because of her I got to know the difference between right and wrong, Pandya store has raised that family like a mother, her family’s souls live there, you have snatched that store today and made her an orphan again, whatever happened with Pandyas today, if anything happened to Suman, then who would be responsible. Suman and everyone think of Pandya store and cry. She keeps the family’s pics. Amrish says you are worried for Suman, did you think about me, I m in so much stress, if anything happens to me. Amba says don’t say this. Amrish says no, he should know everything, what wrong did we do with Natasha, she came back here and said she will give Pandya store to us once Suman gets fine, how much shall we wait, each day is a burden on us, we are in debt, we have a loan of 150 crores, did you think how to pay that, if we don’t make this mall, then I will get jailed and you all will come on the road. He asks Bhaven to show the excel sheet to Dhawal. He asks Dhawal to check the accounts. He says you are thinking by heart, shall I get my family on road to save them.

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Dhawal says you are saying right, I think from heart, not mind, I thought you should get Pandya store, but not this way, Natasha is a better commerce student than me, you should have explained this to me, she would have not regarded you a culprit, you got one family on road to save yours, its my family too. Suman apologizes and talks to her sons. She asks them to forgive Chutki, she might be helpless. Shesh says no, she did that intentionally. Suman says stop this nonsense, go now and get the store items. Natasha is in the hospital. Amrish says my heart has become of stone to get my family to this level, how did we get this respect and luxuries, how did you get a sleep of peace, I think about the family, relations and business, I get stress, did I let any tension reach you all, I don’t want any credit, this family is everything for me, I will go to any limits for this family, I won’t let anything happen to my family, let the world call me a culprit. Dhawal says after dad passed away, you have handled us like a dad, if you choose a path of sin then I will choose a path of repentance, I can’t let Natasha break down. Amrish shouts on him. Amrish goes away. Amba says I will do the work which he couldn’t do. She slaps Dhawal.

She asks how did you forget how he has raised you, he has stayed hungry and fed you, he slept on the ground and made you sleep on the bed, he has always fulfilled your wish, you are fighting with him for Natasha like he is a criminal. She cries and scolds him. Isha holds Amba. Dhawal sits crying of Natasha. Noor-e-khuda… plays…

Natasha packs her bags. Amba asks her to do a little thing before going. Amrish says I told you, you can’t separate me and my brother. Dhawal says its divorce file, Natasha. She is shocked.