Pandya Store 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha gets framed for kidnapping Golu


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The Episode starts with Chiku didn’t come at home all night, we will go to police station and file complaint. Chiku comes home. Suman asks where were you, I felt scared, I thought you left me again. She hugs him. She says don’t do this, I was scared. Chiku says everyone does good acting and lies with conviction, how did you get such worry when you never cared. Suman asks what do you mean to say, that I don’t care for you, I m acting, tell me, what did I do. She cries. He thinks her health can get affected, it won’t be right to say anything. A lady comes from NGO and says we focus on girls education, we are taking contributions from big businessmen. Amrish thinks I will end Natasha now. He gets Natasha’s phone. Dhawal flirts with Natasha. She argues and asks him to keep distance.

Police looks for Esha. Esha gets caught. Inspector asks did you do the kidnapping. Esha says no, mum asked me to stay away from police, I feel scared of police officers. Inspector says come with us to the police station.

Natasha sits studying. Dhawal gets ready. He asks Natasha to teach him, then they will be free in the evening. She asks him to go away. He gets a call from the police station. Inspector says we found a suspect, come and see her once. Dhawal tells this to Natasha, and rushes. Chiku says no, I was just joking, don’t worry for me, I m not a small kid, I was busy in Golu’s kidnapping matter, don’t worry, Golu is fine, but the kidnapper got spared, police will find her. Suman says times have got bad, such things happen. She recalls Shweta. She says tell me when you go home, answer my call. Chiku says fine. Mittu jokes. Suman hugs them. Dhawal sees someone else. The girl lies and says someone from your house asked me to do this, I can see her face and identify. Dhawal asks inspector can I take her home to identify the person. Inspector agrees. Chiku is with his brothers. Esha says I m tired of running away, where will I go now. Chiku stops Shesh and says I will tell you the truth, you do productive work, you get money from Pandya store. Esha sees them.

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Chiku sees Esha and follows her. Esha comes in front of Dhawal’s car. He doesn’t see her face and leaves. She sees Dhawal. She gets hit by another car. Chiku comes there and holds her. She says I won’t go to the doctor. He says I m not asking you. She says promise me, you won’t call the police, else let me die. Chiku takes her. Dhawal gets the girl home. Police also comes. Dhawal says she has come here to identify the person who asked her to kidnap Golu, she is saying someone from our family asked her to do so. Amrish asks what nonsense, how can our family do this, she is lying. Dhawal says listen to her once. Amrish says fine, my entire family is here.

The girl points at Natasha and lies a lot. Dhawal and everyone are shocked. Amba claps and says amazing. Natasha catches the girl and asks how are you lying such a thing, who has sent you, tell me. Amba says stop the drama now, your truth has come out. Natasha says I don’t know her. Inspector scolds Natasha and arrests her.

Natasha says you are getting Pandya store, I will do a job now for Suman’s sake. Amrish says our house Bahus’ don’t do a job, its my last decision.