Pandya Store 30th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha clears the misunderstanding


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The Episode starts with Amba getting shocked. Hetal asks Amba to start preparing to welcome the new member. She says I will make juice for Natasha. Dolly says I will give it to her. Chabeli asks shall I distribute sweets. Amba stares at her. Dhawal comes. Chirag sings Badhai ho and dances. Dhawal asks what happened. Hetal says take care of Natasha, she isn’t fine, I will give this juice to her. Shesh comes to Chiku and says Suman is calling you. Chiku says I don’t have time to meet her. Suman comes and says I got food for you, I made this for you. He sees the food plate. Suman says you work hard, eat the food. Chiku thinks she made the food which I like, does she know I m Chiku. He says I don’t eat all this, I eat burger, pizza, take it away. Suman says I made it with love, its tasty, taste it and see. She keeps the plate and goes. Chiku sits and eats food.

Hetal comes to Amrish and says there is a big good news, I think Natasha is pregnant. Amrish smiles and says it’s a big news, I will just come. He goes. Natasha gets her friend’s call about the project. She says I will talk to Amrish. Dhawal comes and says Hetal said you are not well, I will call the family doctor. Amrish comes and turns away seeing them. He goes out. Dhawal goes after Amrish. Amrish says I came to congratulate you, Hetal told me everything, you came first to make me Bade Papa, you are pregnant, you are behaving like you don’t know, grow up. Dhawal thinks how did I become a father. Amrish says I m so proud of you, you proved you love me a lot, get the papers signed by Natasha, it will get easier for you, tell her about her baby and her safety and future. He goes. Natasha comes and checks the papers.

Dolly calls out Dhawal. Natasha doesn’t read the papers. Dolly says congrats Dhawal. Dhawal takes the papers and goes. She says you are pregnant, Natasha. Natasha asks what, nice joke, I m not pregnant. Amba gets glad. Dolly asks what. Everyone is shocked. Natasha says Dhawal and I won’t go ahead in this relation until we get compatible. Amba hugs her. She says one should take time to know each other, don’t worry. Natasha says I m not upset. Amba says I m upset, I thought Golu will get a sibling to play. Natasha goes.

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Pranali’s dad sees the mall project design. Dhawal comes to Amrish. He says don’t worry, I will get her sign. Amrish asks how, by forcing her, do the work with love, by winning trust, we have to mortgage the house if we lose investment, we have to explain Natasha that Pandya store has to break. Natasha comes. She picks the papers. Amrish says Dhawal can do anything for me. She says I want a favor, I have college project, I have to go to site visit, can I go to any site. Amrish says no, because site isn’t of mine, but of all of us, you also have a right on it, you go without my permission. She smiles.

She says my college friends will be along, will there be any issue. He says no. She says thanks, you are the best. He hugs her and smiles. She goes. Amba says Dhawal and Natasha should stay away. Dhawal comes to his room and sees the decoration. Natasha comes. She says I didn’t think this time will come so soon between us, I kept that condition, I don’t know how did I convince my heart so soon, I m ready to move on in this relation. She smiles. Dhawal worries. Amba says Natasha did good to stop Dhawal from coming close, they can never come close now. Natasha gives her hand to Dhawal.
Dhawal says listen to me once. Natasha says you broke my trust, this marriage was your plan, go to hell, I will see how your mall gets built.