Pandya Store 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Natasha and Dhawal come home

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The Episode starts with Amba blessing Dhawal and Natasha. Everyone hugs. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Dhawal says come, we will go to our house now. Chiku and Isha pack their bags and come downstairs. Suman says go home, they will come, you won’t tolerate Amrish’s smile, even I can’t see, but we will come later. Isha says I will go with Yash, I don’t like it. Suman asks did I ask you to go, do your duty now. Chiku asks why shall I go. Suman says I will do everything for our betterment, go. Chiku goes. Isha says you just scold Chiku and me, not Natasha. Suman says Natasha is right, she needs my support, so I m with her, I will stand with you and Chiku if you guys are right, remember this. Makwanas come home. They all get emotional. Everyone smiles. Amrish says its our house. Dolly says Natasha has golden foot, she came home and we got everything back. Dhawal nods. Amba sees Suman and Isha at the door to welcome them. Amba jokes on Suman. Suman says traditions are made to change with time, its not just Chutki’s grahpravesh, but of all of you, being an elder, its my duty to welcome you. she does the rituals and welcomes them home.

She asks Isha to do Dhawal and Natasha’s aarti. Isha makes a face. She does the aarti. Natasha smiles. Her grahpravesh is done. Isha gives the house keys to Amba. Suman says its tradition that Saas gives the keys to bahu, daughter is giving the keys to her mum, I have changed another tradition, Isha, we will go home now. Natasha hugs Suman and cries. Suman says its your first day in Sasural, be happy, smile. Natasha hugs Isha. Isha says congrats, stay happy, Suman and Yash will handle the broken store.

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Natasha thinks I promise, Pandya store will get built tomorrow. Hetal says I will get the food, Dolly and Pranali, you start the rasams. Amba says you have to do all the rasams like the other bahus. Natasha says yes, we will make a new start. Dhawal smiles. Dhawal and Natasha search for the ring and find it together. Dolly says no winner, it means you both will decide everything together. She says it’s a tie, you will have good compatibility. Hetal says food is ready, come.

Natasha sits to eat the food. Dhawal says Natasha and I will eat in the same plate. Hetal says we will eat later. He says fine. Amba says Natasha, you can’t eat in that plate, we will keep an old tradition, new bahu eats the food from Saas’ food plate, leftover food increase love. She hurriedly eats the food. She washes hands in the plate. Everyone looks on shocked.

Dhawal asks how will Natasha eat in the plate now, you have washed hands in it. Amba says I forgot, else how can I do anything against Natasha, no, its fine, rasams are made to be broken. Natasha says no, I will eat. Amba says okay. She takes Amba’s plate. She keeps a bowl in it and takes the food in the bowl. Everyone looks on. Dhawal smiles. Natasha says I had to eat from your plate, right. Everyone smiles.

Natasha says I m getting Pandya store constructed, I m thinking to use the raw material. Amrish refuses. She says you have to follow rules, else you may get away from your brother.