Pandya Store 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Dhawal searches for property papers

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Pandya Store 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Natasha thinking how to send the note to Dhawal. She asks Mittu to please go to Dhawal and give the note to him. He asks what’s in it, tell me. She asks him to just go. The man asks Shashank to arrange drinks. Mittu goes to Dhawal. The man asks Mittu to treat the guests well. Mittu says I will just get it. He takes the cold drinks. He keeps the note in the tray. The cold drink falls over the note. Pandit asks them to call groom. Mittu gives the note to Dhawal. Dhawal checks the note. Natasha looks on and smiles. Dhawal thinks I won’t disappoint you, Natasha.

She goes to Chiku’s room and looks for papers. Pandit asks them to get the bride. Suman goes to Natasha and asks her to rush, Chiku is coming. Natasha doesn’t find the papers. Chiku and Isha come there. Suman says Chiku… Chiku says pandit ji is calling you, where is Chutki. Suman says I came to take her. Natasha comes. He asks what were you doing in this room. She hugs him and acts. She says I will miss you. He says you aren’t going abroad, come, don’t cry, Shashank is waiting, come. They leave. Dhawal thinks how to go out of here. Natasha comes to the mandap and sits. She sees Dhawal. Dhawal gives his jacket to someone. He asks him to wear his jacket and sit here. He goes.

Natasha thinks where is he going now. Dhawal enters a room and says I will marry Natasha, I will find the papers. He wears the sherwani. Pandit asks Natasha and Shashank to stand for varmala. They exchange the garlands. Dhawal looks for papers. Pandit says do their gathbandhan. Suman ties the gathbandhan. Isha says two knots, else it will open. Suman says yes. Pandit asks them to stand for pheras. Natasha thinks I love Dhawal, how can I marry. She asks Shashank to faint, else their marriage will happen. Dhawal doesn’t find the papers.

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Shashank acts to faint. Everyone worries. Natasha winks to Suman. Suman says take him to the hospital. Isha says I will get glucose for him. Chiku says he was fine, did you tell him anything. Natasha says don’t know, he took stress, take him to the doctor, please. She thinks no, doctor will tell that nothing happened to him. She asks Pranali to check him once. Chiku says no, Makwanas won’t touch him, I will call the doctor. Natasha says your revenge is imp than my marriage. Chiku says we will take him home. Natasha says we should take him to the hospital. Chiku says I will call the doctor here. They take Shashank. Amrish says its Chiku’s plan. Natasha makes sound to alert Dhawal.
Chiku, Shesh and Mittu get Shashank to the room. Natasha thinks Dhawal isn’t here. Natasha asks Shashank to get up. Her bangle falls. She sees Dhawal hiding under the bed. She worries. She says I asked you to sit in the room. He says you asked me to steal the papers. She says no. Isha comes and sees Natasha. She asks what are you doing.
Natasha gets baraat for Dhawal and proposes him. He smiles and hugs her.