Pandya Store 19th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Amba meets Shalini

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The Episode starts with Natasha checking the medicines. Dhawal says I will set the medicines in the organizer. Amba thinks what to do. She thinks to talk to Shalini. Suman recalls Chiku and shouts Chiku…. She wakes up. Dhawal and Natasha look on. Suman says Chiku left us, we have hurt his heart. She says just go and make Pandya store, we will get Chiku back and ask him to run it. Natasha promises. Shalini says I m helping Natasha, but don’t know how much successful it will be. Amba and Chabeli come there. Amba acts sweet to her and says our relation didn’t form, but I m still your mum, I miss you in my family, I know only you can help me. Shalini asks her to sit and tell the matter. Amba says save Dhawal, Natasha will ruin his life.

Suman thinks of the past. She says Dhara, you get my Shiva, Krish and Dev back. Natasha and Dhawal are sad. Suman says tell them that its time for my death, get them back. Natasha says they will come soon, I will talk to them. Suman sees Dhawal and calls him Gautam. She cries. Amba asks Shalini will you return my children to me. Shalini says Maa, don’t worry. Amba says I knew it, you will support me. Amba blesses her and leaves.

Suman wakes up and says I saw a bad dream, some thieves entered Pandya store, go and check, take me along. Her memory comes and goes. Dolly says I don’t want to have anything. Pranali asks her to eat well, it will be good for her baby. Dolly drinks the juice. She asks did anyone tell Natasha the good news. Amba comes and says Natasha knows everything, I told Dhawal, he might have told Natasha, but she is selfish. Dolly says this is so unfair. Pranali says just think about your baby and make Chirag take care of you. Amba imagines Dhawal working as a servant for Natasha.

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She taunts Pranali. She says I will take care of Dolly, you don’t worry. Pranali cries. Natasha and Dhawal lie to sleep. Dhawal murmurs in sleep. Natasha says what happened to you. She pinches him. He asks who is tickling me then. She says don’t panic, I will see. Amba says Natasha has trapped Dhawal. Amrish looks on.

Natasha says it’s a cockroach. She screams. Dhawal removes the cockroach and goes to throw it. Dhawal and Natasha laugh. Amrish says don’t worry, trust Dhawal, he will come back when Suman gets fine.

Dhawal says I want Shalini to stay here with us, she did a lot for us. Amrish says its not possible, she can’t stay here. Dhawal asks what are you hiding. Amrish thinks what to tell him now. Dhawal thinks to find out the matter.