Pandya Store 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha meets Hetal


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The Episode starts with Natasha thinking how shall I tell the truth to Suman, nothing is imp than Suman. Pranali comes to Hetal and asks for onions. Hetal says you can take it, you don’t need to ask. Dolly asks Hetal to make food for her. She says my chef fell ill due to food poisoning. Hetal says fine, I will make it, but don’t tell Amba, she will scold us. They smile. Natasha calls Hetal and says its not reachable. Natasha calls Dolly. Dolly takes the call. Natasha says I want to talk to Hetal. Dolly asks why didn’t you call Hetal. Hetal asks Natasha what’s the matter. Natasha asks can you come and meet me in the college. Hetal says no, I can’t come, Amrish broke my phone after knowing the rakhi incident. Natasha says you have to come and meet me. Hetal says so sorry, I can’t come. Natasha says you can come to college to meet Dhawal, say that at home and come, I will wait for you. She ends call. Hetal asks what shall I do now. Pranali says you should go, take tiffin for Dhawal and meet Natasha. Hetal says fine. Dolly says we won’t tell anyone. They hug. Dhawal sees Natasha in college. Natasha collides with some guy. The guy falls. She picks the papers. The guy Praveen introduces himself. Dhawal comes there. Natasha and Praveen shake hands. Dhawal gets jealous. Natasha goes. Dhawal hears Praveen saying Natasha is an awesome girl. He punches Praveen.

He says Natasha is my wife, she is your sister from now. Praveen says she can’t be my sister. Dhawal beats him more. Natasha comes back and stops Dhawal. She apologizes to Praveen. She argues with Dhawal. Dolly makes a reel. Amba comes and asks for Hetal. Dolly says Hetal has gone to college. Pranali pinches Dolly and hints her. Amba asks what are you signing her, tell me, where is Hetal. Pranali says Dhawal went hungry, Hetal was worried so she took the tiffin for her. Amba says she is good, its okay, she will come. She goes. Hetal comes to meet Natasha. She says I have no courage to take a stand for my self esteem, you are brave. Natasha says I took a stand, but Suman suffered, she is sensitive like a small kid, when I told her that I got cheated, she couldn’t tolerate it, I had to tell her that I was mistaken, Dhawal and Amrish aren’t wrong, I have to come back home for her sake, find some way. She cries. Hetal says I can’t help you, Amrish is angry, he won’t listen to anyone, I have no value in that house. Dhawal comes and sees them. Hetal says Amrish got to know that Chiku is the real heir of the store, Chiku works for him, Amrish will buy the store from Chiku directly. Natasha is shocked. Hetal says I m helpless, I wish your comeback. She cries and says so sorry. He asks what talks are going on. Hetal says you didn’t have breakfast, I got tiffin for you, I saw Natasha and spoke to her. She gives the tiffin and goes. Natasha and Dhawal have a moment. Roke na ruke naina…plays….

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Dhawal thinks just give me a hope that you want to come back, I will explain everyone and get you back. The man calls Amrish and says I don’t think your mall will be built ever, we will take our money back. Amrish angrily breaks his phone and says what shall I do. Natasha thinks will Chiku give the store to Amrish. Chiku comes to Pandya store.

Natasha comes to Makhwana house. Amrish says we don’t need you now, we are going to get Pandya store. Natasha shows the papers and says its on my name, I will give it to Amrish.